How to Create a Landing Page that Increases Your Conversion Rate

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Did someone tell you that you needed a landing page, but you did not know what it was? Today, we will see what the purpose of a landing page is and how to create one that will increase your conversion rate.

What is a landing page, and what is its purpose?

The landing page is a web page created to encourage the user to do a specific action. Indeed, when users click on the link on search engines, they do not always visit the complete website but only a specific page.

A landing page can then allow you to collect visitors' contact info, sell a specific product, or offer the download of a document or ebook, for example.

You need to remember that a landing page equals a goal that you want the user to achieve. You must then know why you need a landing page before creating it.

What is the difference between the landing page and the homepage?

But what is the difference between the landing page and the homepage, exactly? The homepage is the first page your visitors see most of the time.

The homepage is like a window front. The user visiting this page will then discover general information about your products, services, or yourself. The user will have to browse other pages to know more if they want more specific information. Moreover, the landing page is made for everyone, from potential customers to teachers or journalists.

As mentioned above, the landing page only has one specific main purpose. It is there to meet the needs of a target audience.

7 Things to do to create a landing page that increases your conversion rate

  • Pay attention to your titles and subtitles
    Indeed, the first thing the user sees is the title you choose to add. Of course, it needs to be related to the title they clicked on when they search information on a search engine. Here is a little tip: to write a catchy title, do not hesitate to add numbers like 100% free or in less than 10 minutes, for example. People are attracted to this kind of content. Regarding the subtitles, you can explain your product or service further and say why it is useful; however, please only use a few words and use relevant keywords for your SEO.

  • Add a picture that represents your brand and message
    Nobody likes bland pages; therefore, why not add a beautiful picture representing your idea, product, or service? Use something that supports your title, and that is not too general. It is also used at the title and subtitle level most of the time. Pay special attention to the format and the colors to ensure that the texts still have good readability.

  •  Description of the product or service and benefits
    Of course, under the subtitle, you can add a description of your product or service and the benefits. Do not hesitate to use a table or graphics to ensure the information is clear. You can also add little pictures to explain some points, but remember that they must be smaller than the main image mentioned above.

  • Call-to-action buttons
    These buttons are very important. It will help you get a conversion; therefore, if there are none, you will not be able to get conversions. If your business offers estimates, add a call-to-action button like Contact us or See our offers, for example. We recommend you add two buttons on your landing page: one below the subtitle (especially if there is a form to collect the contact information of potential customers) and another one at the bottom near the customer reviews. Do not forget that a landing page equals one purpose. It would be best if you then were consistent regarding the use of call-to-action buttons on this web page.

  • Customer reviews
    Even if you explain the benefits of your products or services, people can decide not to believe you. Therefore, you must not hesitate to add customer reviews or even articles to get the trust of potential customers and prove that your products or services have benefits that meet their needs.

  •   Do not add links
    It may sound strange but avoid adding external links to your landing page. Indeed, you created this page to encourage the users to click on the call-to-action button. You do not want them to visit other sections of your website. It is also recommended not to add a header or footer on a landing page. We want them to focus on the action they need to take.

  • Add a form
    Depending on your goal, it could be relevant to add a form to collect the contact information of potential customers. For example, if you offer an ebook, you can ask for the name, city, and email address. It will allow you to gather data and contact interested people if you decide to launch another ebook.

These elements are essential if you want a landing page that increases your conversion rate. In sum, write a catchy title and subtitle, add beautiful visuals, and drag a call-to-action button. Then, add a description of your product or service with its benefits. Finally, add customer reviews to increase your credibility and include another call-to-action button.

You now know everything about creating a landing page that will increase your conversion rate and sales! Do not hesitate to use WebSelf to create your landing page. Indeed, WebSelf can help you make more than showcase websites; you can make blogs and online stores as well!