6 Types of Websites You Can Create with WebSelf

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Whether you would like to create a website for a business or have an online presence, there are many types of sites. Therefore, before starting making yours, it is essential to understand your needs to create a relevant website. Do you need many web pages or only one? Would you like to have blog articles or sell your products? Here are six types of websites you can create with WebSelf.

The Showcase Website

We can say that the showcase website is the most popular kind of site. It is a website where we can find information on a specific topic or a business; its main goal is to inform people. It is not a transactional website; it provides an online presence and presents a product, a business, an association, etc. This type of website allows you to be found by people on search engines.

Most sites created with WebSelf are showcase websites. There is something for every taste, whether it is for a sports team, a restaurant or a renovation company. Do not hesitate to look at our many site templates. We are sure to have one that will answer your needs!

The Blog

Do you like to write and share your best texts? Why not create a blog to gather all your work at the same place? The blog is one of the types of websites that you can make with the WebSelf editor. As is the case with showcase sites, you can find blogs on every topic. You can find blogs on video games, books, cooking, or fashion, for example. The main difference between showcase websites and blogs is that the blog’s most important thing is its articles.

 Please note, however, that you can add a blog page to your showcase website. It allows you to increase your authority on a topic but also to improve your SEO. Whether you decided to create a free website or a Premium one, on the editor, you only need to click on the PAGES tab, then on ADD A PAGE, and choose the blog page to access our module created especially to present your articles!

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The Online Store

Online stores are getting more and more popular, and online sales are increasing quickly. Whether you would like to sell digital or physical products or even training courses, do not wait for your competitors to steal you some potential sales! Sell online now; it is even easier than you might think.  

Is it then complicated to create an online store with WebSelf? No! Start by choosing one of our templates (we even have a category made especially for online stores), select our eCommerce plan, then enter your products, delivery and payment information. 

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The Landing Page

The landing page is a very interesting type of website for marketing campaigns. Indeed, as its name suggests, it is a site that visitors see after they have done a specific action. It allows you to measure the impacts and results of your campaign. For example, you can use a landing page for your Instagram bio, your newsletter, or even a contest. This type of website is popular because it only has one main goal. Its conversion rate is then better than a regular web page.

Let’s imagine that you are a sports coach who uses social media. You would like your community to have your new ebook while monitoring the number of visits and downloads. It will be easier to access the campaign’s results with a landing page and a contact form.

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The Online Resume

Since you can apply for a job online, did you ever think of creating an online resume? It can be especially useful if you are a self-employed person or a freelancer, even if it is a type of showcase website. Recruiters or potential customers will then have access to more information and find you directly on Google. Do not hesitate to present your work and add recommendations to increase your credibility. We have templates for online resumes too. 

The Portfolio

Are you a photographer, an illustrator, or a graphic designer? You will likely need a portfolio where you can showcase your best work. Some potential clients will surely want to see what you can do and although it is good to have a physical folder with past projects, why not create an online portfolio? You can then gather all your work, and as is the case with the online resume, it will be easier to find you on search engines. It is something you should not neglect!

In conclusion, the only restriction is the limit of your imagination. These days, it is not unusual to see a business site include a blog and an online store. Whether you want a website for your startup, your association, or only to share your book reviews, WebSelf is a very easy tool to use. Good creation!