Is LinkedIn Still Relevant?

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We all know LinkedIn. Mainly used to find a new job or share professional content, LinkedIn has become a social media where you could network. Twenty years later, is LinkedIn still as efficient it was at its beginning? It is the question we ask ourselves today.

What is LinkedIn?

Let us do a summary for those who are not familiar with LinkedIn. This social media is similar to Facebook, but it is made for professionals. We connect with people we know or not, follow businesses that interest us, and share our ideas or opinions. We will not hide that LinkedIn can feel like a place where everyone shares their thoughts about everything. Not all content is valid or accurate, but it is possible to access relevant information.

You can create a personal page with your skills, education, latest jobs, and resume. You can also create a professional page for your business to inform your community about partnerships or news.

The benefits of creating a professional page on LinkedIn

We will focus more on the business page than the personal page. Indeed, personal pages exist mainly to help you find new job opportunities. There are many benefits to having a professional page for your business. 

First, it allows you to control your brand image. Since it is a professional social network, if we want to know more about your business, someone could check its LinkedIn page to learn more about it. They can access the pages you liked, your posts, and, therefore, your business values.

Moreover, LinkedIn can help you increase your notoriety and influence. If you post great content, it will reach more people. They can then discover your business and decide to follow you.

Being active on this social network allows you to gather information and conduct competition watch. Indeed, it will be easier to know what your competitors are up to if you take the time to follow them on LinkedIn. Also, you can discover new trends by checking your news feed.

Careful: To have access to these benefits, you need to regularly spend some time on LinkedIn. It is then vital to validate if it is a relevant social media for you and your target clientele. Let us remind you that you do not need to be active on all social networks; use only the one you need. In addition, LinkedIn is more for B2B; therefore, if your clients are primarily people and not other businesses, you do not need to spend all your available time on this platform. You can, however, publish content related to your business.

If you believe that LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for your business, the following sentences should interest you.

Some marketing tips on how to use LinkedIn

Here are a few tips that can help you use LinkedIn professionally and effectively.  

First, regarding your business page in general, let us verify if everything is optimized.

  • Translate your page in many languages: if your potential customers are from different countries, do not hesitate to translate your page. LinkedIn offers up to 20 languages.

  • Use keywords in your description: indeed, keywords can help optimize your business page. If you want Google to find your page, use relevant keywords to your business and target clientele. 

  • Follow different hashtags and interact with them: indeed, your business page can follow different interesting hashtags. Do not hesitate to leave comments or share publications that are relevant.

  • Do not forget to add a call-to-action button: as is the case with keywords, you need to have a plan. Do you want people to visit your website, contact you or subscribe to your newsletter?

Then, you need to optimize your content. We suggest creating short posts that are easy to read to do it. You can also add surveys, mention other pages or people, and use hashtags. You also need to publish this content at the right moment. Do not hesitate to check our tips on the best time to publish on social media if you want to know more.

It is also possible to know more about your audience and have suggestions on when to publish content with the help of LinkedIn’s analytic tool. It allows you to access information like how people found your page, the ranking of your page when compared to competitors, and information regarding employees.

In conclusion, LinkedIn remains an important tool for your business, especially if you have time and your target clientele uses this social media. If you do not have a lot of time, you can always keep it alive by sharing content about your business and employees to ensure the information we find on your LinkedIn page remains updated.