Create a Website: 6 Tips from our Experts

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You can find dozens of articles on creating a website or an online store on our WebSelf’s blog. Whether it is about design, SEO, or marketing, there are many things to think about when you want to have an online presence. Today, we decided to ask Simon and Melissa, two of our graphic designers, for some tips on creating a website easily with our website builder.

Standardize the style

This is the first tip from our experts: during your website creation, think about standardizing the style. But what does it mean exactly? It is using the components of your brand image everywhere on your website. For example, use the same colors, fonts, style, and structure on all your site pages. Nobody should think they are on another website because you decided to use different styles on your website pages.

Furthermore, using the components of your brand image on other mediums like social media and your business cards is essential. This way, it will be easier to recognize your brand.

Organize the information

It is crucial to organize the information to ensure your website is efficient and meets the needs of your visitors. Indeed, the most important or looked-for information should be easily accessible, for example, at the top of the page or on the homepage. Start by asking yourself what interests your potential customers the most and make sure that this information is there and easy to find. Also, it would be relevant to give a goal to your page. If your goal is that your potential customers fill out a form to contact you, it should be important not to hide this form at the end of the page.

Do not forget that your website homepage is the most important page of your site since it is often the first page your visitors will see. One of the purposes of the homepage is to summarize the rest of your site. We should then find important information and links to other sections and pages.  

Less is more

You might have noticed that most trendy websites are refined. Indeed, one of today’s trends can be summarized this way: less is more. One of the most frequent mistakes we see about websites is to have too many visual elements. We do not know where to look and lose the page's main goal. During the creation of your website, ask yourself if all the visual elements you want to use are necessary and bring value.

When you add a picture to your website, you must remember that it has a certain weight. The more you add photos, the more your website pages will take time to load. It will have a negative impact on your SEO. Consequently, add only the essential visual elements or use an image compressor if needed.

Know your target audience

If you decide to create a website, it is likely because you have a reason. Whether it is to share information with the members of your association, entertain your blog’s readers or sell your products to potential customers, all sites should have a goal. One of the ways to fulfill this goal is to know your target audience. In other words, who is your website for?

Your target audience will have an impact on the design of your website. Indeed, you need to understand and meet the different needs while offering a platform that will catch their attention. For example, a playful business website for children will probably not have the same style as an accounting office.

Make a plan for your website

If it is your first website and you do not know where to start, why not take the time to list your needs and pages? If you are a visual person, you can also make a plan for your website on paper. When it comes to creating your website, you will know exactly what you need; however, it is essential to note that unless you want to create a landing page, your website should have a homepage, an about us page, and a contact page.

If you are looking for inspiration, please note that you can find many examples of websites created with WebSelf by clicking on the Examples button located on our homepage header.

Work on the mobile version

The last important point of our WebSelf experts is to think about working on the mobile version before publishing your website. Indeed, more and more people use their mobile phones to browse the web. Your website should then be available on mobile devices.

A mobile website is automatically made when you create a website with WebSelf. It is possible that you do not want an identical version on mobile or would like to refine it more. Please note that you can work on and modify the mobile version of your website by going to our website builder and clicking on the mobile icon located top right.

In conclusion, if you follow these tips from our experts, you should be able to create a website that should meet your needs. Start creating your site by defining your goal and target audience, and then make a plan. If you need more help or tips, feel free to look at our blog and read our many articles. We wish you the best!