7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your WebSite

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your WebSite

Are you thinking about creating a website because you want to be a self-employed worker, open an online store, or share your passion? Knowing where to start or what questions to ask yourself can be challenging to ensure the final result is successful. For this reason, today we will see 7 questions to ask yourself before starting creating your website.

7 Questions you should ask yourself before starting the creation of your website

Why do you need a website?

Of course, the first question you should ask yourself is why do you need a website? Since it takes time to make, most people will create a website for a reason. You must then ask yourself what you want to do with your website and its main purpose? Is it to get customer loyalty, find people who share the same passion, and increase your sales or visits to your store? There are many reasons why you could need a site. You can even have more than one objective; however, avoid choosing too many rights from the start if you do not want to scatter yourself during the creation of your website.

What type of website will you choose?

Once you have a goal, you need to ask yourself what type of website you want. There are two types of websites: the showcase website and the online store. The showcase website allows you to present yourself and share information about your work, passion, open hours, etc. For its parts, the online store has the information of a showcase website while selling products or services. It also includes a FAQ to answer all the questions about your products, shipping, or customer service most of the time.

How can I structure my website?

Did you choose the type of site you want to create? Great! Let’s continue with the structure of your website. You can start by taking a piece of paper and a pen. You now need to decide how you want to organize your website and define how many pages you will need. In general, we recommend having at least these four basic web pages when creating your site:

  • The homepage

  • The about us page

  • The page about your products or services (or the reason why you need a website)

  • The contact page

Of course, you can add pages to your website. For instance, you can add a blog, an online store, and a FAQ.

Once your plan is ready, it will be time to think about the design. It is a task that can become quickly complex. For this reason, WebSelf created some section templates so you can easily present your team or open hours. We also recommend staying simple, choosing an easy-to-read font, and using color contrasts. For example, writing in white on a yellow background will be difficult to read. Moreover, the chosen fonts and colors must match the ones in your brand guide and logo.

Do I need a mobile version of my website?

This point is important: do you need a mobile version of your site? Yes, indeed! It is even a question you should not ask yourself anymore. When you create a website, there are great chances that your potential visitors will use their mobile or tablet to browse it. Your website must then be well-organized and beautiful, even on a small screen. WebSelf also creates a mobile version automatically when you make your site.

How to write content for your website?

You might not know where to start regarding the content of your website. It is normal. Here is a tip: start writing the first draft and then work on it a few days later. You will likely have new ideas and can modify some of the texts if needed. If you want to create a website that is liked by Google and well-indexed, you need to write at least 900 words per page and add your most important keywords. Of course, it can be difficult to do it with your contact page, for example; however, try your best for the homepage or about us page. Also, when you think about the content, ask yourself how you want to interact with your clients and what will be the tone or language level. Plan some hours or days to work on your content since it will not take a few minutes!

Can I create a website myself?

One of the most frequently asked questions is if you can create your website yourself or should hire someone. It depends on your budget and the time you have. Why not work with a professional if you have an important budget and no time? WebSelf decided to help you with your website by creating many sites and section templates, so you do not lose time. Regarding the budget, you can choose to create a free showcase website, but you will need to take our eCommerce plan if you want an online store. In sum, the answer is yes. You can indeed create a site yourself without having any technical knowledge.

What happens after I publish my website?

We often forget to ask ourselves this question: What happens after I have published my website? Once your site is online, it cannot remain unchanged for years. An old website is quickly noticed whether it regards the design or content. If it is considered obsolete, the users can think that the content is outdated or that the site is not credible anymore. Consequently, there will be few visitors, and Google will not index your site adequately. Do not hesitate to look at our article on how to update your website regularly for more inspiration.

In addition, you need to think about marketing. The promotion of your website will not be done automatically. You will have to be on social media like Facebook or Instagram. It also takes time. 

In conclusion, here are some questions to ask yourself before creating your website. Do not forget that a website is essential to promote yourself, but it takes time, whether it is to make it or update it.