What Are the Benefits of Using Google My Business?

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When you start a new business, there are great chances you need tools to help you manage and promote. Among those available, Google offers many features like Google Analytics to have data about your website and Google Trends to know the latest trends. This article will present the benefits of using Google My Business. ​

What is Google My Business?

When you look for a precise store or restaurant on Google, in the search results, you might see a square that displays all the relevant information about a business (address, phone number, link to the website, open hours, photos, reviews, etc.) It is a Google My Business profile. 

Your business must have a Google My Business profile, especially if it has a physical location. Your potential customers can often find basic information about your business easily on the search results. Indeed, they will not have to visit your website to know your address or open hours; paying attention to your Google My Business profile's content and online presence is vital. We can say that a Google My Business profile is like a summary of your website. Please note that getting a Google My Business profile is possible even if your business does not have a physical location. 

The main benefits of using Google My Business

But what are the most important benefits of Google My Business? Is it worth it? We believe so! Let us explain why in the following sentences.

It is free

First but not least, as with other Google tools, Google My Business is free! Indeed, you do not have to spend a penny to have your website displayed on the search results. Of course, filling in all the requested information and receiving your code may take some time, but we believe it is worth it.

It is easy to use

We must say that it is easy to use Google My Business. No need for dozens of training hours to start. In sum, you need a Google account and some time. Also, you can always modify your profile’s information by connecting to your account, and you can have access to different statistics. In the last paragraph, we will explain how you can create a Google My Business profile. 

It allows you to display all the important information

Often, web users only have a few seconds to find the information they are looking for or make a choice. A Google My Business profile can then answer many questions they might have about your business without needing to visit your website. For example, if you have a restaurant, your Google My Business profile can tell the type of meals you offer, the price range, customer reviews, address, the open hours, the service options, etc. Your potential customers can visit your website if they need more information.

It improves your local search engine optimization

Let us say that you are visiting a city and need to find a jewelry shop. In the search results, Google considers your localization and will suggest shops close to you. When you have a Google My Business profile, you increase your chances of being among the search results. Also, your Google My Business profile will allow your business to be geolocalized better on Google Maps. This way, if a potential customer looks for the best route to your store, Google Maps can tell how to get there. 

It allows you to get and manage customer reviews

Finally, a Google My Business profile remains one of the best places to get customer reviews. Indeed, whether you have a store, a restaurant, or a hotel, the users can leave a comment in just a few clicks, and it will be displayed directly on your profile. Of course, since it is difficult to please everybody, you also have the possibility to answer the questions or comments left by your customers. We strongly recommend you take the time to do it because it will show that you care and want to offer excellent customer service. The more you get good reviews, the more you increase your chances of getting sales. 

How to create a Google My Business profile for your business

Let us now spend some time on the technical side: how can you create a Google My Business profile for your business? As we mentioned, the process is quite simple, and Google guides you along the way. Here is how to proceed.

First, create your free business profile on the Google My Business page. Claim your business profile or create a new one if it does not exist. Start by entering your business name and choose a business type (online retail, local store, or service business). You can then enter a business category and select the region in which your business is based. After you have completed all the information, Google will send you a code for your account by mail.

Once your account is activated, you can customize your Google My Business profile. Add your open hours and beautiful pictures of your business. Do not forget to add your logo and a link to your website. With time, it will be important to verify that the displayed information is still up-to-date and answer the questions and reviews of your customers. You can also encourage your satisfied customers to leave a comment by leaving a note on the invoice, for instance.

In conclusion, if you have a business that offers services, you should take a few minutes to create a Google My Business profile. Besides being free and easy to use, this tool will help potential customers find you more easily and manage your online reputation more effectively. Do you want to know more about other Google tools? Discover our best tips on how to create your first Google Ads campaign. Good luck!