7 Tips to Use Pinterest Like a Pro

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You might have already noticed that Pinterest is not like other social networks. This platform is more similar to Google than Facebook or Twitter. We have already covered the creation of beautiful pins and mistakes to avoid on this social network in other articles, but let us see more closely at 7 tips to use Pinterest like a pro.

Reminder: Why use Pinterest?

Before we start, why should you use Pinterest since it is so different from other social platforms? To sum it up, precisely because it is different! Pinterest is a growing social media; popular in the artistic fields.

According to Social Sheppard, Pinterest remains more used than Twitter around the world and is more popular with young women than men. People visit Pinterest mostly because they are looking for ideas. Therefore, if your target audience is similar to Pinterest users and you offer something linked to creativity or design, it could be relevant to create content for this platform. It is possible to generate sales and traffic to your website by creating relevant pins.

7 Tips to use Pinterest like a pro

As we just mentioned, Pinterest does not work exactly like the other social media platforms. Here are 7 tips to help you create content and use Pinterest like a professional.

Have a professional-looking profile

First important point: if you want to use Pinterest like a pro, you need a professional-looking profile. Adding a general profile picture to show your credibility is not sufficient. Consider using a simple and efficient cover image that represents your field of expertise well (keep in mind that the ratio must be 16:9). Moreover, if it is relevant, claim your domain to display a link to your website on your profile page. Finally, think about the description. It is essential to use popular keywords linked to your field.

Create boards with themes

Before making your first pins, planning and creating boards with specific themes is essential. Start by asking yourself what Pinterest users could search for, analyze your offer, and then create boards. For example, you could separate your blog content into different destinations or tips if you own a travel blog. Once more, adding a cover picture that catches people's attention quickly and writing a description that uses relevant keywords are essential. 

Publish content every day

Pinterest is more a marathon than a sprint. Therefore, it is not by publishing 50 pins once every year that you will succeed in increasing the number of saves or impressions significantly. On the contrary, it is recommended to post only one pin daily. A way to achieve this is to use a social media tool. Thus, you can create content in advance. Quick tip: Tailwind is a social media planner that Pinterest approves. 

Try ABC testing

What can you do to know which type of content works best on Pinterest? A way to analyze this is to try ABC testing. Indeed, start by choosing a page of your website or a blog article as the link for your pin. Then, create three different pins according to the content of that page. They can be similar pins; however, consider changing some elements like the text, size, images, or colors. After a few days, publish the pins and check the statistics to see which is the most popular. Start the process once again with another webpage and three other pins. With time, it will be easier to create quality content for Pinterest. 

Use descriptions with relevant keywords

If you want to use Pinterest at its full potential, you need keywords. If you already have a website, you likely know that keywords directly impact your SEO. Search engines can understand and index your website better because of keywords. Pinterest works similarly. You must then have an idea of the keywords used by potential users if you want your pins to stand out from the competition. Use relevant keywords on your profile description, boards, and pins. 

Choose the right type of image

We already wrote blog articles on how to create beautiful Pinterest pins; however, let us take a moment to summarize the major points. First, you should use high-quality images that catch the attention easily. Second, consider using a vertical or square format instead of a horizontal photo. Most of the time, images with a 2:3 ratio work the best. The text on your pins should also be readable with ease. Moreover, bright and warm colors will help you stand out from the other pins. Do not forget to add your logo to all your Pinterest content.

Join collaborative boards

If you want your pins to be seen by hundreds of people and increase your audience, it could be relevant to join collaborative boards on Pinterest. Of course, choosing collaborative boards linked to your boards and pins themes is essential. Avoid generic boards or ones with bad-quality images. Also, looking for collaborative boards with at least the same number of followers is recommended. You can try to share your most popular and relevant pins on these boards. 

In conclusion, it is true that Pinterest is a social media platform that needs a lot of work and time to succeed and stand out from the competition; however, we believe that this platform can help you increase your website's traffic and sales. Therefore, to use Pinterest like a pro, start by completing your profile, create relevant boards and pins, analyze your results, and start the process again. Please note that using hashtags on this social media is not necessary. Good luck!