How to Create Beautiful Pins for Pinterest

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If we talk about social media, what do you think? Facebook, Instagram, or the more and more popular TikTok must come to mind. But what about Pinterest? Did you know that it is a social platform that can help your website traffic? First things first, let us explain how to create beautiful pins for Pinterest that will help you get more visitors.

Reminder: What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media that allow people to post pins. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, we could say that it is a mix between Instagram and Google Image. People go to this website to find inspiration. The topics are diverse; you can find ideas for your next Halloween party, vegan recipes, travel suggestions, and beauty tips. Moreover, you can scroll endlessly; there will always be pictures displayed. It is then possible to organize and save your best pins with boards.

Note that when you click on a pin because you want to learn more, it can lead you to a website. Pinterest is often considered to be an underrated social media, but it has great potential. Indeed, you can increase the number of visitors to your site by creating many beautiful pins on this platform. It is also a social media that is growing fast and is still more used than TikTok at the moment.

Is Pinterest relevant?

Before creating your first pins, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The first one would be: is Pinterest relevant for my business? With the increase of social media platforms, should you take the time to create pins? First, you need to know that the Pinterest community is dominated by women aged 18-44. Consequently, is this group one of your target clientele? Then, ask yourself if you have interesting content for this social media. We suggest you take a look at it before creating your first pins.

Here is an example of what you could do. If you have a blog, why not transform your articles into pins? Indeed, you can reach new audiences by presenting your articles differently. If you sell your products on an online store, why not present them on this platform?

How to create beautiful pins for Pinterest

If you think Pinterest is relevant, let’s now talk about the pins. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you create visuals for this social media. Do not forget that there are millions of pins on Pinterest. If you want to stand out, you need to create content of great quality.

  • Use beautiful visuals
    A beautiful visual is the basis of a Pinterest pin. Without a visual of great quality, your pins will not be displayed by social media algorithms. Many tools can help you create beautiful pins, like Canva. If you need right-free photos, you can take a look at image banks too.

  • Think about the size
    You can create the most beautiful pins; however, they will not be displayed if the size is not right. According to Citron Rose, it is recommended to use visuals that have at least 1000 pixels wide. For regular pins, aim for 1000 x 1500 pixels. For infographics, it is suggested to look for 1000 x 2100 pixels. If needed, you can also look for templates to help you.

  • Think about the text
    Now that you have a great visual, get your audience’s attention by adding text to your image. It can be a question, an answer,  a suggestion. In sum, you must get people interested by being relevant. Take note of the formulations you find inspiring when you look for pins. Moreover, do not forget to have a sufficient contrast to facilitate readability.

  •  Use your brand image
    As we mentioned in many articles, it is essential to use your brand image everywhere, whether it is on your website, promotional items, or social media posts. It can be by using your brand colors, fonts or logo directly on your pins. This will help you create a strong brand image that will be recognized easily by your community.

  • Try different versions
    Here is another tip: do not only make one pin out of your blog articles; create different versions. This way, you will be able to test which types of visuals give you the best results. Do not forget to watch your statistics from time to time to see which pins had the most impressions, saves, and outbound clicks.

  • Do not forget the link
    Finally, here is a tip from our article 10 mistakes to avoid on Pinterest: do not forget to add the link! Indeed, you can add a title, a description, and an outbound link to your pin during its creation. If you want your Pinterest pins to allow you to have more visitors to your website, you must not forget to add the outbound link to your site.

In conclusion, we hope we managed to give you a few relevant tips on how to create beautiful pins for Pinterest. Start by asking yourself if Pinterest is an interesting social media for your company, and then test it. Your pins can help you have more visitors to your website. If you are looking for other options to increase your number of visits, take a look at our article about the best websites that will help grow your organic traffic