How to Optimize an Online Store Product Page

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You likely worked hard on your online store project but might not have the success you would like for your products. Did you think about your product pages? If so, could you improve them? Today we will help you optimize your product pages to increase their visibility on search engines.

Why optimize your product pages?

If you own a website, you might have heard that the homepage remains the most important page; however, if you have an online store, another page becomes nearly as important as the homepage. In fact, it is a set of pages, more precisely, your product pages. Indeed, when you create an online store, you need to make product sheets or pages.

You need to know that these pages are crucial for your sales. Indeed, people looking for something to buy are generally ready to open their wallets. Your product page must then be perfect if you want them to buy what you offer. Remember your competitors; your potential customer will look for the best price, but also; the description matters, especially if it is the first time that they buy that product. 

Therefore, optimizing your product page is essential if you want sales. Nonetheless, if you want potential customers to choose your products, they must first find you. Search engines must display your offers. Your product page must be well-indexed since people often only look at the first search engine results. In sum, optimizing your product pages will allow good indexing. And with good indexing, you should have sales.

What questions should you ask yourself to check if your page is optimized?

Before going into the details, here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are on the right track.

Did you think about the design of your product pages? It is important to keep the same design for all your product pages and your website to maintain consistency. 

Did you prepare the title of your products? It is essential to make a list of all your products and choose relevant titles.

Did you prepare the description of your products? As for the titles, prepare a list of what you need to discuss. It is optional to write everything in advance, but note the important details about your products.

Are you sure to have enough information about your products? Indeed, you must have enough information about your products and share them with your clients. If you have competitors, they might want to find out more about your type of products elsewhere if your description is incomplete. 

Did you think about the page loading speed? Your product page must load quickly. Otherwise, your potential customers will leave your website before seeing your offers.

Did you think about the UX and ergonomics? Your product page must be well organized so your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

What are the characteristics of a great product page?

Let us elaborate more and see what needs to be displayed on a product page.

First, you need a title that summarizes your product well. Use large characters, so it is visible. The second most crucial element is the price which also needs to be visible quickly. Your potential customers should be able to see the price at one glance. The third important thing here is the description. It must be well-detailed with technical characteristics, so your visitor does not have to look for more information elsewhere. These three elements are the basis of your product page.

You can also add information about your brand, the product's origin, or maintenance instructions. People also like having access to information like the size, capacity, and delivery fees.

If you do not want to write a long paragraph, do not hesitate to add a FAQ

How to optimize your product pages for search engines?

Let us now see how to optimize your product pages for search engines like Google. We already mentioned some points that have a direct impact on your SEO. It is essential to keep these elements in mind if you want to have sales.

One of the first things someone sees when looking for a product is the image. You must then refrain from taking any photos. First, according to an aesthetic point of view, and second, for search engine optimization. The pictures of your products must be professional-looking; however, the files might be heavy. Most of the time, it is not a problem, except for Google and its friends. Indeed, a heavy photography file can make a product page load slower. And if your web page is too slow, Google will not display it in the search results. Consequently, when you take professional photos of your products, remember to compress them before adding them to your online store. Several tools and websites can help you with this. 

Another critical point is the text. It may be fine for you because you love writing. Great! But did you think about using relevant keywords? Indeed, keywords are the basis of a great SEO. Therefore, when we told you about the importance of finding the right title and description for your products, it was because you must seduce your potential customers and Google! This search engine can help you get new clients!

Also, think about the title tag and meta description. The meta description should be different from the general description that includes information about the characteristics, maintenance, etc. In the meta description, summarize everything using the right keywords. Remember that you can only use 250 characters here. 

Tip: If you have created an online store with WebSelf, remember to fill out the SEO Setting section when you make a new product. This section will allow you to add a title tag and a meta description. You will also see an example of how it will be displayed on Google just under.

You must also ensure that your website is optimized for smartphones and tablets. The purchasing process should be simple for your clients and search engines too. If someone visits your website and it is not optimized, there are great chances that they will only stay a few seconds. It will then have a negative impact on your bounce rate. Search engines do not like when users quit websites quickly.

And if we return to the texts, as mentioned in other blog articles, you need content on your product pages. Do not hesitate to add testimonials of satisfied customers and a FAQ if needed.

In conclusion, here are a few techniques in order to optimize your online store product pages. The most challenging step is often to create the first page. Once you have your titles and descriptions, the next ones should be easier to make. And if you need more assistance, feel free to take a look at our other blog articles about online stores. Good luck!