How to Create Relevant Content for LinkedIn

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Every social media has its specificities and influencers. Since it can be challenging to write texts for Twitter, take great pictures for Instagram, or create videos for YouTube, choosing platforms used by your target audience is essential. If you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed worker, did you ever think of being active on LinkedIn? Let us find our best tips to create relevant content for LinkedIn.

Why should you be active on LinkedIn?

Before we start, let us take a moment to talk about LinkedIn. For many, this social media platform is no more than a place to display an online resume; they only use it when looking for a job. LinkedIn is indeed different from Facebook and TikTok; however, it remains a relevant social media for several aspects related to work. Consequently, if you are looking for new clients, want to network, or increase your professional credibility, LinkedIn is the place to be.  

You will also notice that the content found on LinkedIn is getting better. More and more inspiring content creators use this social media to promote their businesses and talk about causes close to their hearts.

A few tips on how to create relevant content for LinkedIn

As we mentioned above, all social media platforms have their specificities. A post that works on Instagram might not work on LinkedIn. Therefore, here are some tips to help you create relevant content for this platform.

Do not worry; it is possible to be creative on LinkedIn, even if you are an accountant!

Complete your profile

Before you start writing your first post, we strongly recommend you complete your LinkedIn profile. Is it up to date? Is every section completed? Did you add a recent profile picture and a cover? Did you get some recommendations?

Your LinkedIn profile must not be taken lightly. Indeed, if you start creating content and someone wants to know more about you or your services, there are great chances that they will look at your profile. It could harm your credibility if it is uncompleted, and you might miss your interesting business opportunities.

Follow inspiring content creators

To create relevant content on LinkedIn, we suggest you follow people working in your field, experts, influencers, and other inspiring professionals. The reason is simple: when you read their content, it will be easier to find ideas and see what type of posts work the best for your audience. It is not the question here to copy their work but to see the topics they discuss on LinkedIn.

You will quickly notice that many influencial CEOs are active on this social media platform. Do not hesitate to take a look!

Start the process by commenting 

If you do not have the soul of a writer or are not ready to start writing texts for LinkedIn, here is a tip: start by commenting on others’ posts. It will help you be more active on this social media platform.

In the previous step, we recommended you find inspiring content creators to follow. When you feel inspired by a post or know the answer to a question, do not hesitate to share your experience and knowledge. It will help you increase your notoriety and know more professionals.

Find interesting topics

Whether it is on Facebook or LinkedIn, with time, it can be challenging to find interesting topics. LinkedIn is indeed known to be a more professional platform; however, it is not necessary to only post about your work. You can share your thoughts about mental health, professional mistakes, relevant training courses, or something you understood or appreciated during your latest holidays. The important thing to remember is to make this topic relevant to the people who are active on LinkedIn.

Once more, by following other professionals, you should be able to find ideas more easily. Moreover, when you feel inspired, do not hesitate to note down everything to avoid forgetting your thoughts, and always have a list of content at hand.

Think about the visual

If you are active on LinkedIn, you probably have noticed that most posts include a visual. Indeed, by adding a picture, you increase the chances that your post is viewed and noticed. Hopefully, LinkedIn is a more and more flexible platform. You can add a photo, make a carousel, share an infographic, or insert a video.

And whatever the chosen medium, we should find elements of your brand image. The reason is simple: by using elements of your brand image everywhere (colors, font, logo), it will be easier to recognize you while showing your values and standing out from the crowd.

Try again and monitor the results

Once you post your first content after a few days, take the time to monitor the results. Are there any reactions or comments? If your post did not work, do not give up. Go back to the beginning and start again to analyze content and leave comments on others’ posts. And when you have a new idea or want to share a tip related to your expertise, dare to post it!

Here is another tip: let your text breathe! If you write long paragraphs, it may seem intimidating to read. On the contrary, you should create smaller sections of a few lines to ease the readability. After a few posts, monitor the results if needed to see what works best for you.

In conclusion, with time and effort, LinkedIn can help you increase your professional credibility and find clients. Start by completing your profile and follow other professionals to build your network. Of course, you can always share your job offers on this social media platform when needed. Regarding this, remember that having a great career page on your website is also essential. Good luck!