Mistakes to avoid doing while optimizing your website

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In terms of SEO, the line between optimizing and over-optimizing is very slim.

As you probably know, SEO optimization of your website is a harsh job and you need to continuously perform several actions in order to reach the top of those search engines results pages. But sometimes, you take measures which you think will be beneficial to your website but you ultimately end up getting penalized by those search engines. To avoid these penalties, we have compiled the most common mistakes you must avoid when optimizing your website.

Overusing Keywords

Though adding rich keywords to your content is a good idea, it's also a double-edged sword. Commonly called the 'keyword stuffing', this practice involves adding as many keywords as possible to your website ... and it simply does not work! Google will penalize you severely if it feels your content is just a keyword overload. In this case, bet on the philosophy 'less is more', and devote your energies on quality rather than quantity.

Links that do not work

Adding internal and external links is a great way to increase traffic to your website, therefore, your SEO optimization. However, you lose credibility if these links don’t work. From time to time, go over your website and make sure that all information is accurate (especially your social media redirections) and that the links lead to the right place.

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Your business isn’t on Google my Business

These days, you don’t really get any free advertising, especially on Google! If you have a business, you need to create an account on Google My Business. By filling out a simple form, you can showcase your business to a large number of locals by appearing in results of Google searches and Google Maps.  In addition to adding your business hours and contact information, you can even offer visitors a virtual tour of your business. To register your business, check out this blog article or visit this website to learn more.

Not putting enough emphasis on content

You probably don’t like reading redundant content, your readers and Google, don’t like it either! The smart search engine robots are excellent for detecting duplicate content and you will be penalized and even maybe ignored! Bet on quality and not on quantity.

In addition, write interesting and informative content, taking care to write great descriptive Meta descriptions and page titles.

Not having a mobile version of your website

Nowadays, it is imperative to have a mobile version of your website. Indeed, more people than you believe will consult your website from their smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, with WebSelf, your site will automatically be optimized for mobile. To view the preview or make changes, click the mobile phone icon in the top right corner of the editor.

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In SEO, patience is a virtue! The chances that your site gets to the top of the results on search engines overnight are pretty slim. The natural referencing of your site is a constant and continuous work, but do not neglect it! It will certainly be worth it!

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