How to find inspiration for your blog articles

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If you’ve been reading our articles, we recently talked about how adding a blog to your website is added value. In fact, in addition to being a great way to build a web community with your customers, a blog will improve the SEO of your website, therefore making you more noticeable on the web.

For your blog to be successful, you need to make sure of a few things, such as:

  1. Being constant in terms of frequency (1X week, 1X day, etc.)

  2. Writing about relevant topics that will interest your readers

  3. Having a well-referenced blog on search engines

Unfortunately, many bloggers suffer from the blank page syndrome. It happens to everyone that from time to time, inspiration is simply not there! But don’t worry, here are 5 tips to help you find inspiration to write those articles!


To avoid the blank page syndrome, and especially to never lack inspiration for blog article topics, it is important to plan ahead. For example, once a month, list topics that might interest your visitors and plan when you will publish them. At least you will not waste time when it comes time to write them, since you will at least have the subject of the article in question. Then, before writing it, draw a draft, or a small summary of what the article will be talking about, it will be much easier for you!

Reading other articles on the web could inspire your own work. Read blog articles, recent event stories, newspapers, and find out what might be relevant to your visitors. Don’t forget to add your personal touch!


When you’ve determined your subject, make some researches to learn more about the topic. Perhaps you will find interesting facts or different angles that will inspire the writing of your articles. The more information you have, the easier it will be to write your articles, since you have a better chance of mastering the topic.

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Have you ever thought about competitive intelligence? There are several benefits, including having inspiration for blog article topics that might interest your customers. Without copying them, of course, you can read their most popular blog articles and inspire you to write articles that are tailored for your target audience. Be careful not to duplicate content found on the web, since Google will penalize you severely on your SEO optimization.


First, before writing your articles, think about what your readers want to read. Get inspiration directly from them: write articles about new features, as well as current issues related to your industry. Try to get out of your usual editorial line while being creative, but remaining appropriate. Test the type of article that is most read by your visitors, and ask them to leave their opinions, and comments, which will help you greatly for the future of your blog!

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