E-commerce: Essential tips to improve your SEO

E-commerce: Essential tips to improve your SEO

Positioning your e-commerce website on the first page of search results should be your first priority, as it will greatly increase the number of visitors and sales volume of your online store. In terms of SEO, there are several things you can do to improve it, some of it directly from the WebSelf editor.

Today, we showcase five actions you can take, some of them won’t take you more than an hour and can have a significant impact on your business. Ready to start?

Create unique and selling product pages

If you sell multiple products, create a product page for each different product, unless they come in a bundle. You will then create more unique texts (don’t copy, it’s heavily penalized by Google), which will add more value to your store.

Make sure your texts are selling and encouraging people to buy your products. Create a sense of urgency, and make them believe that they can’t live without your products or services!

Optimize your photos by adding titles and alt texts

In this blog post, we talk about product photos and the importance that they are of good quality. The photos must also have a title, to be considered relevant by search engines. The images must also have a title so that they are considered relevant by the search engines. Webself will automatically take the name of the file to assign it to its title, so these filenames must be relevant. You can then add an alt text, which helps your SEO. This action doesn't take a lot of time but can make a difference!

Use keywords in your product descriptions

When writing your product descriptions, choose your words wisely, and never underestimate the importance of keywords. Be careful, descriptions should not be an accumulation of keywords, but fluid and readable sentences.

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Optimize the speed of your website

For robots to consider your site, and position it in the first pages, your site must be fast to download and to navigate. To do this, you can start with your content, making your texts lighter but also make sure that your images aren’t too heavy. There are several tools that can help you shrink your images, like Gimp for example, by exporting them in a smaller, lighter format. This can make a huge difference in the speed of your site's download for Google robots, but also for your visitors!

Create a blog

Create your free blog with Webself will only bring benefits: increased visibility, better positioning and building a community with your visitors, amongst others. Write articles on interesting topics related to your online store or industry and encourage visitors to read and share. This will increase your notoriety on the web and the robots will be delighted, and hopefully reward you!

Having a good position on search engines does not happen naturally, there are always changes and additions to keep (and improve) your place. Above are some examples of actions you can take, but we also advise you to read our other articles on SEO to learn more! Good luck :)

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