How to Do a Professional Website

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You are likely not a computer programmer. This is why it might look difficult to create your own professional website. Do not worry, you are in safe hands with WebSelf. There are many reasons why it is important that your business has its own website. It is also possible to create your website in only three steps. First, take a look at our templates, one will surely answer your needs whether you are a freelance translator, a cake artist or a lawyer.

Why Should You Have a Professional Website

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why you absolutely need a website if you have a business. To start with, people search for products and services on the internet more and more. Whether it is for a plumber, a hairdresser or a catering service, many potential customers look first on Google. In fact, it is now estimated that Google receives more than 3 billion search requests per day! It would be a shame that someone from your area does not find you because you are not on the internet. Some even say that if you are not on the web, you do not even exist.

It can surely help you to gain credibility when you have your own website with good content. A website is also more complete than a Facebook page for instance because you can gather together at the same place all the information about your business and your services. If you fear the fees of having a website, please note that it is possible to have a free 5-page website with WebSelf!

What Your Professional Website Should Include

First, while perhaps obvious, it is important to take the time to put all important information regarding your products and your services on your website. Add pictures, detailed descriptions, as well as everything a potential customer would find relevant. It would also be interesting to include a few examples of what you do or testimonies to win the trust of your visitors. You need to keep in mind that some people are still reluctant to work with people found on the internet. Thus, make sure they have no doubt by providing all necessary elements on your website. 

There is also the About us page. We dedicated a full article on this topic a few weeks ago but we would like to remind you that it is a website page not to neglect. Add your story, your mission, your team but also your experiences and qualifications. You must show your credibility, as well as your professionalism. Moreover, before you publish your website you should take the time to proofread all sections to avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Do not forget your contact page too so potential customers can reach you easily if needed. There are many ways to use the contact form. In fact, you can modify it to be used as a submission request form for instance!

A Few Professional Websites Made With WebSelf 

There are a few design rules to follow to make sure to project a professional and balanced image. For example, you could try to use only three colors or less, as well as a maximum of two fonts when creating your website. In addition, get inspired by websites you like that are relevant. Did you know that WebSelf has more than 200 available templates? One of them can surely help you create a professional website.

We decided to show you three authentic professional websites that we find especially well done in order to help you create yours. (websites are in French)

Anaïs Marti

Anais is a photographer. She used many of her pictures on her website and it works as a testimony of her work. Her website is simultaneously light and well-balanced thanks to the pastel color palette used. We can find on Anais’s website an about us page where you can learn more about her story, as well as her philosophy as a photographer, all the provided services, and a blog!

 Ô Renov

Ô Renov is a good example of a professional website related to the field of construction or architecture. First, we can find many examples of projects they made over the years, as well as reasons why we should choose them. The contact form is also very accessible since it is located on the home page, which can help communication from potential customers.

Jennifer Guay, lawyer

Mrs. Guay’s website is very complete and has much useful information on her services and her activity in order to show her credibility and professionalism as a lawyer. Her many years of academic background are well represented too. The three colors and the two fonts rules are also respected and her logo is located top left of her website. 

In conclusion, it is easy to create your own website even if it is not related to your regular occupation. A professional website offers you many advantages including to be found by potential customers when they make research on Google. This is why you should take the time to create a website that will reflect you. And if it is not your cup of tea, do not hesitate to take a look at our blog articles. There are there to lend a hand!