Why You Need a Website When You Are a Freelancer

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Congratulations! You are now a freelancer. You can choose your schedule, your customers, and your projects, as well as working in your pajamas if you want to! You are also the person in charge of your accounting and finding new customers. It is good to have a Facebook page for your business but did you think about having a website? It should be one of your priorities if you want to be found by potential customers!

Why Do You Need a Website?

To start with, a website is the foundation of your online presence. It is a more complete tool than social media. It is also a place where you can gather all the information regarding you and your business. This can include your story, your past experiences, your services, your fees, etc. A website allows you to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. If you want to be found, you must start by being on search engines. Millions of searches are made on Google every day. We are sure that you want your website to appear on search results, right? Moreover, you will look like a credible professional if you have a website. Do not forget to add a website mention on your business cards or flyers.

Why Webself Is the Perfect Solution for Freelancers

When we created WebSelf, we kept in mind the needs of freelancers. Indeed, we wanted to create an accessible website editor that could be used by a hairdresser, a plumber or a baker. No programming skills are required with WebSelf. It is also the reason why we became partners with the UAE, a French union of entrepreneurs with more than 360 000 members. You only need to follow three steps to create your website with us. First, choose one of our templates, customize it with your pictures and texts, and then publish it! Keep control of your website and make sure it answers your needs. It is even possible to create a free website with WebSelf if you want to try our website editor. Did you know that we have more than 200 different templates too?  

What to Put on Your Freelance Website 

What information are you looking for when you are on the website of a business or a professional? You probably want to know what the provided services are, the fees, and the experience. Therefore, make sure to put on your website all questions a potential customer could have. Show your experience by adding examples of past projects, explain what your fees include, tell us your story and how you got your skills. Do not forget to add images too. It would also be important to add some pictures of you on your website, especially on your about us page. Also, we suggest you add true testimonies to past customers. This will help you get credibility among your website visitors. Finally, do not forget to add a contact page where people can contact you easily.

Some Authentic Website Examples Made With WebSelf

You might need some examples to better understand the notions we just explained above. This is why we found you three wonderful and authentic websites made with Webself by freelancers! (All examples are in French.)

DLM Freelance

Delphine Le Meur works in the communication industry, as well as an event manager. We fell in love at first sight with her website because it was both well organized and elegant. It is also very complete since it has all the needed sections: an about us page, her fees, testimonies, a blog, and a contact page. Her website makes her look like a very professional freelancer!

Mathieu Corgnet

Mathieu Corgnet has been a project manager freelancer for several years now. It is possible to find on his website a summary of his skills and past experiences, a description of the provided services, as well as a place where you people can contact him. The design on his website is very dynamic and respects the three colors rule. We suggest he adds a place with testimonies of examples of past projects to be more easily trusted by potential customers.

C’votre communication sur-mesure

C’votre comunication sur-mesure is Aurore Di Lelio-Fournier’s business. She is a communication consultant. She provides communication accompaniment and project management. On this website, we find a detailed about me section with her story and skills, as well as many examples of past projects and a list of her customers. Thus, this makes her seem like a very credible and professional freelancer.

In conclusion, we know that you have a lot to think about when you start as a freelancer; however, your website should be one of your priorities. Indeed, your website should even be ready before looking for your first customers. Start by gathering all the information regarding your services or products and then use WebSelf to create a website that will represent you. We wish you a lot of success in this new adventure!