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Create a Website for Your Association

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If you are the leader of an association, we know you are busy managing your members and looking for your financing. Did you know that a website can help you and make your life easier? Why not take the time to create a website for your association with WebSelf? This would surely help you improve your credibility and notoriety on the web.

Why Your Association Needs a Website

There are many reasons why your association needs a website. To start with, as we mentioned above, it will increase the credibility of your group. This is useful if you are looking for new members or subventions. When you have a professional website, you will show the world that you exist and that you are a serious organization. (Some say that you do not exist when you are not on the internet!) 

Furthermore, a website can also help you be found more easily. Indeed, if someone looks for you on Google, it will be easier to find you if you have a website than if you do not. It will also be easier to contact you or raise funds. A website is also a more exhaustive option than a Facebook page. You can gather all the information regarding your association, whether it is your story, your next events, or your team, for example. Do not forget to add a contact page and an about us page too.

Create a Website for Your Association With WebSelf

If you are now convinced that your association needs a website, why not make it with WebSelf? Besides allowing you to control the creation process, it is effortless to create a website with us. Indeed, you can create a website by following three simple rules. First, choose one of our templates. We have more than 200 different examples that can answer your needs. Since it might be difficult only to choose one, we have created a category for community and education websites. We suggest you take a look before making a final choice. Second, you will have to customize the template you choose. Add titles, texts, and pictures to your new website. When all your pages are done and verified, you only have to click on the PUBLISH button. It is as simple as this to create your website with WebSelf.

On another topic, we know that associations’ budgets might be limited. WebSelf offers different plans from the free plan to the business one. We then invite you to try for free our website editor! You can create a 5-page website and choose a Premium plan later if you need one.

Association Websites Made With WebSelf

Are you skeptical? Are you still having doubts about creating a website for your association? Our team has found three authentic sites related to associations and organizations made with WebSelf. They can surely inspire you! (The three websites are in French.)

Les Kolibris

The Les Kolibris group is an association located in Guadeloupe. Their website is both simple and complete. First, they added a unique logo in the header. The site is also separated into different sections where we can find information about their services, their fees, and their contact details. The final result looks great with good quality pictures. In sum, it is not complicated to create a website with WebSelf. Keep only in mind to answer the needs your visitors have.

Image blog WebSelfGreen Lions

The Green Lions group is related to the Lions Club. They have as a goal to protect biodiversity. They organize many events associated with the protection of the environment and sum up everything on their website. They also took the time to add videos too. Although being used as a place where all information is gathered, this website is also used to raise funds.

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 Villey Desmeserets & Co

Villey Desmeserets & Co is a website dedicated to the family of the same name. We can find photos, family trees, and news. This group will surely be able to reach and share information about their family to all their members. The design is both sober and elegant.  Also, it is a website that was made with WebSelf’s free plan. It is not because you choose the free option that you cannot make a beautiful website!

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In conclusion, we hope to have given you a few ideas on how to create a website for your association. Whether it is a sports club, or an eco-friendly association, every association should have its website. Why not start with WebSelf today?