Make a Website for Your Music Group

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Is music your passion? Are you working solo or in a group? Whether you are in a professional orchestra or a songwriter singing in pubs with your guitar, is it easy to find you on the web? Why not take the time to create a website to increase your notoriety? It could surely help you become more popular! Many musicians already did their website with WebSelf.

Why a Website?

There are many reasons why music groups or musician should have their website. First, it increases your credibility. You will look a lot more professional if you have a real website than if you only have a Facebook page. Unfortunately, we need to tell you that the MySpace’s era is over. Take this opportunity to include your story and a presentation. Moreover, a website is useful because it allows you to regroup all relevant information in one place. Thus, although having a place where to present all our upcoming shows, you could add some excerpts, videos or even your merchandise. It is a better option that will allow you to be found more quickly too.

Do you need a webpage to present your album or your EP? It is also possible to use WebSelf to create a landing page. For those who are not familiar with this term, a landing page is a webpage often minimalist used for conversions. In sum, we use this tool to direct a customer to do something precise like listening to a song, watching a video, subscribing to a newsletter or buying tickets for an event.

Why Use WebSelf?

WebSelf is a website editor that exists for more than 10 years. More than 2 million websites have been made with us since our beginnings, of which many for music and arts. Our team worked hard to provide you an easy-to-use software. Indeed, you do not need to code anything to have your website since it is a drag and drop system. Start by choosing your template, customize it with your content, and then publish it. It is as simple as that. We even offer you the chance to create a free website of 5 pages!

Although the easiness of creating a website, WebSelf has a lot of different templates, whether you are a music school, a trendy DJ, or a cover band. We then invite you to take a look at our Art & Music category to discover our models. Obviously, you can choose any template to create your website.

A Few Things to Remember When Creating Your Website

Did you know that it is possible to add videos or music files to your WebSelf website? You should take this opportunity to present what you do. Make sure, however, to use videos or pictures of good quality for more impact. If you give shows, it would be relevant to have a place with your next events and how we can get tickets. It is indeed something your visitors could look for on your website. Otherwise, do not forget to link your social media to your website and vice versa so people can follow you more easily.

2 Authentic Examples Made with WebSelf

At WebSelf, we embrace to show that everybody can create a website. It is the reason why we like to share authentic examples of sites made with our editor. We then found you two websites related to the music world. (Both examples are in French.)

Maria Datcharry

Maria Datcharry is a pianist who studied music in music schools and who won a lot of prizes during her career. It is possible to find on your her website both her biography, her upcoming shows, and videos of previous performances. She also used the footer to add links to her social media. We find that the final result is a good example of a website you can do with WebSelf. The design is sober and elegant. All relevant info is there too.

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François Voeffray

François Voeffray is a singer and a musician who works mostly in choirs. He also won a competition on a Swiss-German TV show in 2010. What we like about François’s website is the quality of the pictures he used. Indeed, from the home page, we have a good impression of the whole site because of the main image. It is a complete website where it is also possible to find the artist’s biography, videos, next concerts, and contact info.

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In conclusion, we hope we gave you the help you needed to create the website for your passion. It is a tool that can help you increase both your credibility and your notoriety. We have one last thing to ask you. For pity’s sake, do not use automatic music on your website. It is something you must leave in the 2000s if you do not want your visitor to run!

Do you already have a website for your music group? Feel free to contact us to show us!