How to Improve the Product Page of Your Online Shop

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We know that you have a lot to think about when you decide to open an online shop. You must have enough goods, find the right delivery method, and promote your products on social media. Once you have potential customers, it is crucial not to let them down when they arrive on your website. Here a few tips on how to improve the product page of your online shop and increase your sales!

Choose a Simple and Refined Design

Your product page must be simple and even sober. Your products must be the focal point. It is then essential to remove all elements that could distract your potential customers from buying your goods. Have you ever come across a landing page to subscribe to a newsletter or to apply for a contest? You can often see that there is no header or footer. There is only a form to fill and a button to click. This increases your conversion rate as a consequence. Therefore, be inspired by landing pages when you create the product page of your online shop. Make sure that there is only one simple way to follow to make a purchase. In the case of an online shop, it is vital to add elements that make your brand credible like an about us page or a FAQ.  

Then, be inspired by your products to create a balanced design that will represent your business. If the colors of your brand are warm, you could use the nuances that catch the attention quickly for the titles and your buttons. Do not be afraid to use white for your background too. This will help to give a sober effect to your product page. Also, as it is the case for the rest of your website, we suggest that you only use a maximum of three different colors. Make sure to have a relevant contrast between the color used for the texts and the background too. The description of your goods must be easy to read for all, even for color-blind people, for example!

Show Your Product With Gorgeous Photos

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words; thus, if you want to increase your success rate, it is essential to add attractive photos of your products on your online shop. One photo is often not enough. Do not hesitate to add many, from a number of perspectives or circumstances. For example, if you sell kitchen tools, you can photograph them with food or during some cooking. The next important thing to mention is that you need pictures of good quality. In our article How to Capture Professional Photos, we have emphasized to use natural light, to stabilize yourself, and to try various angles and framing. If needed, many software can help you edit the photos. Poor quality visuals could harm your credibility as a business.

When you add photos to your products, do not forget to fill the alt text section. When you add a description or keywords, it allows search engines to know what is on the picture exactly. This description enables your photos to be indexed on Google, for instance.

Use Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

Another element you should not neglect on the product page of your online shop is the call-to-action button. It is one of the factors that will allow you to have a sale or not. If your button is misplaced or hardly discernible, your potential customer cannot purchase your good. Here are then a few tricks to create an efficient call-to-action button. First, make it visible. Use a color that will catch people’s attention and drag it to a clear place. Do not forget that your text must be readable too. Make sure to use a neutral font and a good contrast to ease the reading. Second, the text of your button must be simultaneously clear, short, and calling. Choose a concise text that tells what will happen when your customer clicks. For example, call-to-actions like “download,” “subscribe,” “read more,” or “purchase” are often used.

Write a Complete Description

The last point we want to discuss is the importance of writing a complete description to each of your products. It can be tempting to copy-paste the same text for all your items, but this is not recommended. First of all, the products you sell are different. It is then important to describe them consequently. Tell what their characteristics are, such as their dimensions or what it is made of , for example. Also, it is not suitable for your SEO to use the same text everywhere. Instead, take this opportunity to write a description that will show your products to their best advantage. Do not forget to use the same keywords in the description and the title.

In conclusion, take the time to create a product page that is both complete and attractive. Those little details can make a huge difference. If you wrote a description that answers all questions, add beautiful photos, and an easy to use purchase process, you increase your chances to have sales. When all your product pages are done, you will then need to get visibility. Here are our suggestions to promote your online shop