4 Awesome Blogs Created with WebSelf

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What makes a blog successful? Is it the quality of the articles, its design, or the use of attractive pictures? These three elements can surely help you create a popular blog. If you do not know where to start, here are four blogs that were made with Webself that we find awesome. Discover Anais’ blog, Marie-Pierre’s blog, Ninety Healthy, and Ceinture Rose.

Why It Is Still Relevant to Have a Blog

We know that many people ask if a blog is worth it. There are many blogs online, and is it still relevant? The answer is yes. Most of the time, a blog is more than a hobby or a tool to use to satisfy your needs to be creative; it can help build your credibility and improve your website indexing. First, your blog articles will become new doors to your website since they will be indexed by search engines. For example, if you are an interior designer, you could write different texts on how to use different colors and textures. Consequently, a web user could search tips on how to decorate his living room and find your article, and the rest of your website. A well-done blog can surely lead you to more sales, especially if you offer professional services.

Furthermore, it increases your authority and credibility when you have many articles on your blog on the same topic. We can then see that you are an expert, or at least that you know what you are talking about.

A Few Things to Remember When Creating a Blog

If you want to create a blog, you must write articles of good quality. Start by finding a title that will interest your potential readers. It needs to be relevant and include keywords that can be found in the rest of the text. If required, search the best keywords to use in your field. Make sure to complete the meta description section of your article before publishing it since it will help its indexation by Google.

Do not be afraid to use attractive visuals to support your articles too. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are as important as the text if you want to get potential readers’ attention. Create beautiful graphic elements to illustrate what you want to say. Once everything is published, do not forget to share your article to increase its visibility. It can be shared on social media, in a newsletter, or even on Reddit or relevant Facebook groups. Proofread your texts to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

4 Examples of Blogs Created with WebSelf

It is very easy to create and manage a blog with WebSelf. You can even create a blog free of charge! Once in the editor, you only have to click on the PAGES tab, and on ADD A PAGE. Then, choose to add a blog to your website, and the module will install automatically. Today, we wish to present four awesome blogs that were created with our website editor. We hope they will inspire you to create yours! (Please note that our 4 examples are in French.)

Le blog d’Anaïs

Anais Guerlain has one of our team’s favorite website. We wanted to add her blog to this list since she knows how to use it as a marketing tool. Although being a portfolio, we also have access to her clients’ stories. Since Anais is specialized in wedding photography, her blog is a great way to present her work and the services she offers. As mentioned earlier, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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Le blog de Marie-Pierre

Who said it needed to be complicated to create a blog? Marie-Pierre understood that it is very easy to create a simple blog. You do not need to have a dozen pages on your website. Indeed, on Le blog de Marie-Pierre, we can find a small about me section on the home page, as well as the link to her social media accounts. The final result is clean. When creating a blog, choose a color palette for a well-balanced design.

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Ninety Healthy

There are blogs for all tastes and on all subjects. Why not share your best recipes in some blog articles? It is exactly what Alexia did with her website Ninety Healthy. We can find many recipes and tips on how to have a varied and healthy diet on her blog. There is a lot of relevant info about food in general. Discover her pieces of advice regarding dressings, terrines, marinades, cakes, etc. Her recipes seem both simple and delicious!

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Ceinture Rose

A blog can be a promotional tool if you have an association or an NPC. Ceinture Rose’s main goal is to promote taekwondo among women. One of the ways to achieve this is to present inspiring athletes of this martial art on their blog. Each month, they present an athlete in an article and share everything on social media. 

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In conclusion, it is possible to create a blog on anything. Of course, it needs some work, but your website has a lot to gain if you add a blog and keep it active. Now, would you like to sell your products on an e-shop? Here are 4 online shops created with WebSelf that we want you to discover!