11 Things That Prevent You From Having Sales on Your Online Shop

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Whether it is because of confinement or simply because online sales are becoming more and more popular, there are many reasons you should have an online shop. It may be easier to create your e-shop, but did you think about everything? What can you do to be successful? We made a list of 11 things that could prevent you from having sales on your online shop.

1- You did not make a market research

Even before creating your online shop, you should check if your project is viable. Is there any interest or demand for your services or products? Most of the time, you will need more than a Facebook survey. Take the time to study your target market; thus, you will be better prepared to answer your target clientele’s needs. It implies doing a lot of research on the market and competitors, but also on suppliers and logistics.

2- You do not know your target clientele

You will create your e-shop and your products for hours. It would be a shame to lose all this time because you do not reach the right people. Who would need your products? What are their needs? What do they like, where are they, what do they use? In general, we need to answer a need to be successful. It is then essential to know your target audience to increase the chances of having sales. If needed, create some buyer personas. They are fictive customers that can help you understand what is important for these people that you wish to transform into customers.

3- Your website is not credible

Your website needs to be credible if you want to sell on your online shop. If your potential customers have any doubts regarding your professionalism, they will not buy anything. Many elements that can show that you have a secure website, like an HTTPS connexion, a concise and short domain name, an about us page, an online presence, and error-free texts.

4- Your website is not appealing

You can have the best products in the universe, but only have a few sales because your website is not appealing. It is recommended to have a refined design for your online shop so that the attention is on the products’ pictures. Your customer can feel lost when you use too many colors or elements. It is also important to have a simple sale process not to lose customers through the different steps.

5- You are a stranger

We mentioned earlier that your online shop should be credible in order to have sales. A way to increase this is to show who is behind this project (real people and not robots!) Dare to tell your story, and do not forget to add your contact information if people need to contact you. An about us page can surely help you show who you are. Be authentic!

6- You are not using your brand effectively

Why Apple manages to sell phones that are often at a higher price than its competitors? It is because, among other things, they have strong branding. Do not neglect the importance of your brand if you wish to have a successful online shop. First, you need to know who your products are for (re-read the second point on understanding your target audience if needed) and how to adapt to them. For example, pastel shades are likely to be attractive to younger generations to retired accountants. Take also the time to create an awesome logo that will help your brand recognition. 

7- You are not using pictures, or they are not of good quality

Since your potential customers cannot see the products they desire in real life, it is vital to add many pictures on your website. It will surely encourage them to buy. Do not be scared to show your products from different angles. Also, the quantity is not everything; your pictures must be looking great and professional. If you cannot pay a photographer, note that there are ways to take beautiful pictures. Start by using adequate natural lighting and try to be as stable as possible. Many apps can help you edit photos of your products if needed. 

8- You did not take the time to write descriptions

Your customers may have a lot of questions when looking at one of your e-shop’s items. It is the reason why it is vital to add a description to every product page. Write information about the materials, its creation process, but also on what your product can do for your potential customer. For example, if you are selling a lavender candle, you could tell that it is a handmade candle made with organic lavender from France or that its smell help against anxiety.      

9- There is no mention of shipping or the refund policy

One of the most annoying things regarding e-commerce is the shipping fees. These often appear at the end of the purchasing process, causing an unpleasant surprise to potential customers. To increase your chances of having sales, talk about the shipping fees on your website’s main pages. If you cannot offer free shipping, you can mention that it is included with orders of more than $50 or that it is a fixed price. In the same line of thinking, it is important to display your refund policies in order to reassure your potential customers.

10- You are not using social media

Whatever the platform, social media are precious allies to promote your online shop. To succeed, you need to know your target audience and what they are using. In this way, it will be easier to decide if you need to be on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. Proudly display your products and share posts from your clientele. It will help you grow your business and boost your sales.

11- You are not using your customers’ reviews

The last point we want to talk about is your customers’ reviews. Look for testimonies from your clientele and display the positive comments on your website. Of course, it needs to be real reviews. When you look for a restaurant, you likely check the evaluations for past customers before making a choice. Your potential customer will do the same thing. Before buying anything from your online shop, they will look for reviews. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the people who already bought your products to have their testimony and ask them if you could display it on your website.

In conclusion, you will increase your chances of success by taking the time to complete every element we mentioned. We know it is a lot of work, but hard work pays off. If you are looking for new marketing ideas related to e-commerce, here a few suggestions on how to promote your online shop.