Diversify the Products Offered on Your Online Store

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Every day, thousands of online stores are created. We now can buy anything online, whether it is clothing, plants or collectibles. If you already have an online store or plan to make one soon, did you think of diversifying your products in order to increase your revenues? Did you ever think of selling digital products, for instance? Here are some ideas of products you can sell on your website.

Physical Products

Physical products are the most frequent items that we find on online stores. Your customer clicks on a product, chooses its features, and receives it directly at home.

  • Complementary Products

Whether you create fashion accessories or customized paintings, potential customers must be able to find your artisan products on your online store. After some time, analyze your sales. Why not create complementary or similar products according to your best-sellers? Test everything and keep what is the most profitable.

Take, for example, that you sell knitted scarves. Would it not be a great idea to sell matching gloves or hats? By doing that, the average spend per order will likely increase!

  • Produits of Partners

Unfortunately, it is not all stores or artisans that sell online in 2021. You might know potential partners that could be interested in selling their products directly on your website. Of course, it needs to be possible to send them, and it should be related to your field at least a little.

An example that we recently saw on one of our customers’ online store is a website that sells plants, and ceramic pots from one of their partners. Customers then have the opportunity to buy a plant and its matching pot in just a few clicks!

Digital Products

Did you know that you can sell 100% digital products with WebSelf? It is easy; when you add a new product to our eCommerce module, you only have to choose DIGITAL for the type of product. Then, add the file that will be sent to your customer after the order.

  • eBooks

You do not have to be a famous author to sell eBooks. Did you ever think of creating a cookbook with your best recipes? Or to write a relevant study on a topic you master? It can be an interesting complementary product if you already sell physical items. One of our customers was using digital products to sell internationally. Instead of making and sending the clothes she was designing, she was selling and sending the patterns.

If you do not know where to start, take a look at our article on how to create an ebook

  • Training Courses

Training courses and webinars: these are digital products that you can also offer. It is especially interesting if you are an expert in your field or considered an influencer. If you were giving classes and it is now not possible, why not create an online version? It will allow you to keep in contact with your current customers and even reach people outside your area! Once your client purchases your online course, send him the link to your training or your videos. Dare to try this!

One of our customers who is a baker was selling her cakes on her online store when the lockdown happened. She then diversified her offer by adding a cookbook and training courses on how to cook gourmet desserts at home. Here is a little tip: if you decide to add your videos on YouTube, do not forget to put them in private mode; otherwise, everyone will have access to this premium content. Only people with the link will be able to watch your videos.

  • Gift Certificates

    Why not let your customers buy gift certificates directly on your online store? Sometimes, it is difficult to choose someone’s perfect gift; a gift certificate can then be a solution. You can send a digital gift certificate via a customized PDF file, for example. Do not forget to number each of them and keep track of them to make sure there are no duplicates.


Indeed, services are not exactly products; however, you can still sell them on your online store. When creating a new product on your WebSelf website, choose SERVICE as the type of product. Why not take this opportunity to sell appointments or consultation sessions directly on your website? What services do you regularly sell?  Your customers will only have to select the product that answers their needs and book an appointment. Recently, we saw many sports coaches offer customized training sessions directly on their online stores!

In conclusion, dare to be creative and diversify the products that you sell on your online store. Sometimes, you only need a few ideas and tests to increase your revenues in a significant way. Whatever you decide to sell on your website, do not forget to complete each of your product’s product page. Start by adding a few pictures of your product, then write a complete description that will answer all questions your potential customers can have!