Why Does My Website Have No Visitors?

Image blog WebSelfYou may have spent hours creating your website. It may have the most beautiful design or present the best products on the market; however, a few days after you have published your website, you realize that you had no visitors. Before you start to panic and decide to stop everything, let’s see what you can do to have visitors on your site.

Is Your Website Online?

The first thing we want you to check is quite simple (and you probably already did it): did you publish your website? To put your site online, you only need to click on the PUBLISH button located top right on the editor. A website that is not published cannot have visitors.

Did you know that you can update your website at any time? Indeed, make all wanted changes on the editor and then click once more on the PUBLISH button. Your site will then be automatically updated.

Did You Tell Your Entourage That You Have a Website?

A website is like a restaurant. If you tell no one that you opened the best restaurant in town, it is likely that you will not have any customers. It can be challenging to get your first customers; this is why it is important to tell your friends and family that you started a business or a site.

Why not celebrate this new project by having a special event? More and more people prepare a launch when they publish their website. Some present their business during a live video, and others will take this opportunity to give a rebate or do a contest. In each case, you should take the time to tell everyone that you just created a new website.

Are There Any Backlinks?

Do you know what backlinks are? In sum, it is a path between your site and another one. The more you will have links to your website, the more you increase your chance to have visitors and be well-indexed by search engines. But where can you add these links?

First, we suggest you add your site's link on your Google My Business page if you already have one. You can then add the link on the site of your association, professional order, or any website related to you. For example, if you have a hotel, do not forget to add your website's link on review sites like Tripadvisor.

Is Your Social Media Linked to Your Site?

In relation to the above point, social media is the perfect place to add a link to your site. It is simple: start by understanding which platforms would be the most relevant according to your target audience, create an account, and add your website's link. Of course, you will have to create content for these social media accounts to have followers. You could share your best blog articles there too.

It is not necessary to be on all social media. Choose 2 or 3 relevant ones. Do not forget platforms like Pinterest or LinkedIn that can help get traffic on your website. 

Have You Filled the SEO Parameters?

Another way to have visitors on your website is to appear in search engines’ results. To succeed, you need to optimize your site so Google can understand the themes and index it accordingly. Today, we will focus on three criteria that impact your SEO: the keywords, the title tag, and the meta description.

First, you need to find the best keywords and add them to your website. Keep in mind that it should be terms that would be searched directly on Google. Then, write the title tag (a title that represents your site) and a meta description (a description that summarizes your site) in the SEO sections of the WebSelf editor. You can find these settings by clicking on the PAGES tab located left and then clicking on a page and on SEO settings. The more Google likes your site, the more it will appear on search results. You must then make sure that your website is relevant and credible.

4 Tips to Increase the Traffic on Your Site

  • Have a blog and write great articles

    A great blog article can be indexed by search engines and brings you visitors to your site. Once on your website, encourage your visitors to read other articles or to discover other parts of the site by adding links.

  • Partner with other websites

    Whether with contests, collaborations or guest blog articles, try to partner with other complementary sites. Do not forget to leave a link to your website on theirs.

  • Diversify your online presence

    Do not put your eggs in one basket: try various promotional campaigns to attract visitors to your website. Use tools like Google Analytics to see where these visits come from (under the Acquisition tab).

  • Your site must look great

    If you want the people that visit your site to come back, it must then be beautiful and relevant. Make sure to give your website a professional look and answer all questions your potential customers could have.

In conclusion, with time and by trying different actions, you will have visitors on your website. As is the case with finding your first customers, it is always more difficult at the beginning. Consequently, do not hesitate to tell your relatives that you created a site and present it on social media. Here another article on this topic: the best websites that help grow organic traffic. Good creation!