How to Start Your Twitch Channel

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While everybody is thinking about being on TikTok or Clubhouse, many social media are not used at their fair value. When there are videos, the first reflex is to think about YouTube, but did you ever hear of Twitch? This live streaming social platform owned by Amazon is the perfect place for video game players. Would Twitch be relevant to promote your project?

Why Should You Start a Twitch Channel

To start with, whether it is for Twitch or another social media, you need to ask yourself if it is relevant for your target audience. Twitch is a live video game streaming platform where players can interact directly with the viewers. You can also make money by receiving donations or subscriptions. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, most users are young men between the ages of 16 and 34 years old. Just over 20% of them are also from the United States. Twitch has an average of 15 million spectators every day, and its popularity is growing steadily, mostly since Mixer, one of its competitors, closed in 2020.

In sum, going back to our first question, is it relevant to be on Twitch? If you work in a field related to video games or that it is one of your passions, the answer is probably yes. If you are unsure, you can always browse channels. You can create an account and decide later if you want to do live streamings.

Note that if you have a business, you can always sponsor channels to increase your visibility. Of course, your target audience must be interested in Twitch.

Watch Other Channels and Get Involved

Before launching your channel, here is a tip: start by watching other channels and streamers. Get involved, discuss with them to understand what works, and create a network of contacts. For this kind of social media, communities are the most crucial element. Consequently, you cannot just stay in your corner and talk to nobody. It is not how you will be able to stand out from the increasing quantity of new channels.

For example, streamers often raid other channels when they are finished. It allows people to discover new games or channels.

Create and Customize your Twitch Channel

Once you understand how Twitch works, it is time to create your channel. The process is quite simple when you already have an account: click on your icon located top right and click on Channel. You will then have access to your Twitch channel. Beware: it is not because you have a channel that you must start streaming right away. Indeed, it would even be a mistake to start your live streams without taking the time to customize your channel.

On your channel’s page, Twitch allows you to customize the elements. You can follow the platform’s steps and tips in the dashboard section. First, you need a symbol. You can use a photo of yourself or create a logo related to your activity. Write your bio, link your social media, create banners (Canva can help you with that) and little videos for when you have donations or new followers, choose your brand colors, etc. You will have work to do to make your Twitch channel unique.

If you have questions, you can always ask the streamers you follow or join Twitch groups. For this reason, it is vital to create a network of contacts when you start on Twitch.

The Required Equipment

As we explain in our article about creating videos for YouTube, many people will say that they do not have the right equipment to do live streamings. We want to reassure you; you do not need expensive equipment to start your Twitch channel. You will only need your computer, live streaming software like Streamlabs, a webcam and a microphone. You do not need the latest gadgets; indeed, it is more important to be interesting and entertaining to create your community

Create Content

Once your channel is completed, it is time to start streaming! Start by telling your friends that you will do live videos. The more there will be spectators, the more Twitch will suggest your channels to potential viewers. Then, choose games that you like and that would interest your target audience. Some like to play retro games, while others prefer to stream horror or action video games. The more you will play a kind of game, the more people who like that will want to follow you. Do not forget to interact with your viewers and encourage them to follow you.

Do not be too hard on yourself at the beginning. Of course, there will always be room to improve, but keep in mind that you do this like it and because you want to play video games!

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate?

One of the most frequent questions about Twitch is when I will have access to subscribers? Subscriptions can allow you to have a regular income on your channel. Amazon Prime members can also give a free subscription per month. Know that you have some goals to reach before becoming a Twitch Affiliate. You can find the lists of criteria on the creator’s dashboard under the tab Analysis and Successes. The objectives will help you complete your channel and get viewers. Note that you will have access to donations even if you are not an affiliate.

In conclusion, do not start a Twitch channel because you wish to be rich. On the contrary, do it because you like to play video games and share your passion. As is the case with creating a blog, the process will take time and effort to succeed and stand out from other channels. Good luck!