How to Write Your First Blog Article

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Whether you like to write or not, you might decide to add a blog to your website one day. Besides increasing the general content, this can help your site’s SEO and credibility. But where to start? How can you write relevant texts that will answer the needs of your community? Here are a few tips to help you write your first blog article.

Why should you add a blog to your website?

Many people ask if blogs are still relevant today. There is an explosion of blogs and articles on the web; consequently, it is more and more challenging to stand out. But is all that work worth it? We believe that yes. There are many reasons why blogs are an interesting addition to your website.

First, blogs help you increase the content on your site. For example, if many terms are used on different sections of your website, Google will understand that they are important keywords. This can then positively impact your site’s SEO; every article you write can become a door to your website. Finally, the fact that you have blog articles on a precise topic can show that you understand it well and are an expert. A blog can then help you establish your credibility. 

Of course, if you do not like to write or it is not your cup of tea, you can always focus on other marketing activities. You can also work with partners or professional writers and ask them to write blog articles for you.

The structure of a blog article

What are the elements we should find in your blog article? Did you think about the structure? Indeed, a blog article first consists of a catchy title. By reading the title, your potential readers will decide if they want to discover the rest. For example, look for an original fact or offer the solution to a problem. If your title does not stand out, it is most likely that no one will read your article.

Also, when you write, do not make too long paragraphs. It is not a book. You can play with the number of words per line or lines per paragraph to make everything look more dynamic. Whether it is an article with 400 or 4000 words, keep in mind to focus on your topic. Focus on your article’s main theme and try to be as valuable and relevant as possible. It is also recommended to add visuals to your article and to separate the text into paragraphs with subtitles. Most of the time, a blog article has an introduction and a conclusion too.

A few tips on how to write your first blog article

It can be intimidating to write your first blog article. We then asked our copywriter Ariane to give you a few tips on how to help you. Ariane writes more than 100 blog articles per year!

  • Do not aim for a precise number of words

    This is our first tip: do not aim for a precise number of words because it can harm your creativity. Indeed, articles with a large number of words are generally better indexed by search engines; however, remember that quality is always better than quantity.

  • Know the concerns of your target audience

    If you know your target audience well, it will be easier to understand their concerns and how to answer their questions. It should be one of your greatest sources of inspiration regarding your blog articles.

  • Make a plan

    To help you with your first blog article,  make a plan. Indeed, start by finding the right title, and then look for subtitles. Next, add a few lines that summarize the content of each paragraph. In only a few minutes, you will have the skeleton of your blog article. After that, you will only have to add flesh by adding content.

  • Look for the right keywords

    If you want your blog article to be found by search engines, take a few minutes to find the right keywords. Make some searches to see what are the most used terms on Google related to your article’s topic. There are also tools that can help you with that. Keep in mind to add the found keywords at different places in the article, but also in the title.

  • Review your article

    When possible, do not publish your article as soon as you are finished writing it. Instead, review it a few hours or days later to make sure that everything is fine and there are no mistakes left. Then, if needed, ask a colleague or a friend to read your article as well.

  • Connect your article to other sections of your website

    We have talked about backlinks in many of our articles, and it is because they are essential for your site browsing but also indexing. Backlinks are links among the text that allow you to send your readers to other articles or websites. During the creation of your blog article, add some relevant backlinks to the text. Your visitors will then be able to have access to more information if they want to know more and thus spend more time on your website.

  • Share it on social media

    Once your blog article is published, you still have some work to do. Indeed, you need to promote your blog articles. For example, you can share your texts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then, why not make a video for YouTube or an infographic for Pinterest that summarizes your content? In sum, if the content is king, how you spread it is queen!

In conclusion, we hope we managed to give you some useful tips on how to write your first blog article. Start by finding a topic that interests you and is relevant to your target audience, then make a plan. And if you were looking for a builder to help you create your blog, take a look at WebSelf!

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