Why Should You Update Your Website Regularly?

Why Should You Update Your Website Regularly?

We all know that websites are often more static than social media. Many people create a site and do not change anything on it for long periods of time. Did you know that there are many advantages to updating your website regularly? Although helping you always providing the most accurate information, it can help your search engine optimization! Let’s examine this more closely.

Keep your website alive

A website is like a bamboo plant. Most of the time, it can live without you; however, you will have to feed it every once in a while to help it grow. As mentioned above, you can spend months without having to change anything on your site, but it is good to check it regularly. There is always something that can be improved or something new to promote. Moreover, when someone visits a website, they expect to find accurate information. For example, if you display prices or services, it would be unfortunate that the displayed information is not up to date. Your site content must always be accurate in order to avoid any issues.

Many people must ask themselves how many times per year they must update their websites. It is not exactly a question of the number of times but relevancy. If you have something new to present or a piece of information you need to modify, do not wait and update your site. It will likely take only a few minutes. You can also invite your followers to discover this new section of your site. It is one thing to convince people to visit your website and another to persuade them to come back!

An asset for your SEO

On another topic, it is important to mention that updating your website regularly is good for your SEO. Indeed, when you add new content or replace older information for newer ones, Google knows it. And since this search engine wants to prioritize websites that exist for a long time and are updated continuously, it would be in your interest to work on your site from time to time.

In addition, it is always reassuring to see that a website or social media pages are updated regularly. This shows that there is someone behind and that these platforms are not abandoned.

A few tips that will help you update your website regularly

It is possible that you have nothing new to tell at the moment. What can you do to update your website then? Here are some suggestions.

  • Display your next events

    Do you provide training or do you go to events? This could be information you can share on your website, not only on your social media. Keep a small section of your site for events and update it with the dates of your upcoming gatherings. Of course, take the time to remove all past events.

  • Have a blog

    The blog is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to add content to your website regularly. Whether it is an article per week or month, adding text to your site increases its credibility and authority on a specific subject. If you do not know where to start, note that we wrote many articles on the topic like this one: why not have a blog with WebSelf?         

  • Look for partnerships

    Whether it is with an influencer or another business, partnerships have many advantages too. First, it allows you to increase your visibility among potential customers that do not know you. You can present these partnerships or add a partner page directly to your site.

  • Add content

    Think about the websites you visit regularly and ask yourself if your site is complete. Of course, we should find on your website the four basic pages: the homepage, the about us page, the page where you present your products or services, and the contact page; however, you are free to add as many pages as you need as long as it is relevant. For example, you can add a blog or an online store. If you have a business, you can have a career page or a place where you can present your team members. Stay up to date with good ideas and new trends.

  • Replace your photos for more actual ones

    It is not only your website content that can be updated; you can also update your images. If you have access to newer pictures of a better quality of your products, you should think about updating your site. Do not forget to add an Alt Text description, so Google can understand what the photo is about.

How can I update my WebSelf website?

It is very simple to update the website you created with WebSelf. First, go back to the editor, add the new content, and click on the Publish button located top right. Your site will then be updated automatically. It is not more complicated than that! You can update your website as much as you need to.

In conclusion, we believe that a website is similar to a plant: you must take care of it from time to time if you want it to grow well. It is possible that you do not want to add new content to your site because you may think it is outdated. Why not do a complete redesign of it? To help you, here is an article on this topic: how to redesign your website in just 6 easy steps. Good luck!