How to Convince People to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

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There are many advantages to use newsletters as a marketing tool. First, this allows you to diversify your online presence and communicate with those interested in what you offer. Second, you can share information or exclusive offers. But first of all, what can you do to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter? How can you increase your number of subscribers?

A few simple rules regarding newsletters

If you are not familiar with newsletters or would like to use this marketing tool, note that many platforms can help you. For example, we can name Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Mailjet, and Newsletter2Go. Once you have found the platform that suits you best, start creating your newsletter. Do not forget to add exclusive content that will interest your community, but also aspects of your brand image.

Next step: there cannot be newsletters without subscribers. But what can you do to convince people to subscribe? Unlike what was allowed a few years ago, there are now many rules to follow regarding sending newsletters. Indeed, people must accept to receive your newsletters; it is the law, especially if you are located in Europe. Please read our article WebSelf and GDPR: Everything you need to know to learn more about these measures. In other words, avoid purchasing questionable subscriber lists on the web. Besides not having their consent, the chances they unsubscribe are high. 

Therefore, how can you convince people to subscribe to your newsletter? Here are three questions that should help you increase your number of subscribers. It is important since newsletters can help you improve your customer loyalty and increase your sales over time.

First question: is it easy to subscribe?

The first question we want to address is: is it easy to subscribe to your newsletter? Indeed, if potential subscribers do not know where to register, there are great chances that they will not subscribe. If you already have a website, you could add a newsletter registration form. Add it somewhere visible and strategic, for example, at the bottom of the homepage. If you provide courses or specific services, you could invite visitors to know more by adding a form directly on this page. Moreover, you can also decide to add a pop-up to invite your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. (Please note that WebSelf allows you to add a customized email collector when you choose the Pro or eCommerce plans. You can decide if it is static or in the form of a pop-up).  

Once you allow the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter directly on your website, why not mention it on social media? You can make posts on this topic or ensure that one of your social media accounts has a link that leads to a registration form. If you do not need a complete website, why not choose to create a landing page to invite people to subscribe? In sum, the easier it is to subscribe to your newsletter, the better it is if you want to increase your number of subscribers.

Second question: what are the advantages of subscribing to your newsletter?

How many emails do you receive every day? Among them, how many are newsletters? You must receive a lot of different newsletters; your potential subscribers too. How can you convince them to register anyways? Our answer: people must see a significant advantage. 

But what can you offer exactly? This depends on what you can provide and what could interest your subscribers. For example, it is not rare to see shops provide a discount or free shipping if people subscribe to their newsletter. This could be something interesting if you have an online store. If you are a consultant or specialized in a specific field, you could offer a tutorial video, a relevant tool, or a free ebook. The important thing to remember is that you understand what your potential customers need. You can also reassure them by explaining what they should expect if they subscribe to your newsletter and mention that it is always possible to unsubscribe if needed.

Third question: what content should we find in your newsletter?

It is one thing to find new subscribers to your newsletter, but it is another one to keep them. What can you do to make sure they do not unsubscribe? Your content needs to be both relevant and attractive. Indeed, some people will only subscribe to benefit from your special offer; however, you need to make the difference with quality content exclusive to your subscribers.

We mentioned above the importance of giving a little something to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter. To keep them, they need to feel that they are VIPs. Consequently, give them exclusive content and offers. Make them feel important. For example, you can organize contests or special offers available only for those who subscribed. Furthermore, nothing stops you from segmenting your subscribers into different lists in order to respect their preferences.

In conclusion, if you want to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter, you must make sure the registration process is easy, provide an attractive offer, and have relevant content. It may take you a few attempts, but do not forget that quality is better than quantity. If you are looking for other tips, you can always look at our article about how to create its online community. Good luck!