How to Use Your Blog Articles on Social Media

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With time, it can be challenging to create new content for social media. You must find ideas, create visuals, write texts, and publish everything on different platforms. Here is a tip from our community manager: why not use your blog articles content for your social media? Indeed, it is possible to adapt your articles on different platforms easily.

Check your best articles

Before we explain how to use your articles on social media, let’s take a moment to see which texts were the most popular. For example, you can check your statistics on Google Analytics. This way, you will know which blog articles did answer your community’s needs. Moreover, the more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to write relevant blog articles and adapt them. 

If you have a website, it could be a good thing to add a blog. When you write and publish articles regularly, this increases the available content and your SEO and credibility. This is a tool that should not be overlooked, even in 2022!

How to reuse your blog articles on social media

Here are a few ways to use your best blog articles on social media. It is essential to keep in mind that every platform has its specificities. You must then take the time to adapt the content of your articles to answering the needs of the different communities.

  • Facebook

    Let’s start with Facebook. If you have a professional page, you can share your articles there. If it was not already done, why not take this opportunity to create posts that give tips or summarize your blog articles? Indeed, it was proven that posts with external links to Facebook were not performing as well as posts without links. For this reason, it could be relevant to try to use images related to the content of your articles. For example, if you have already have written a text about your best tips, you can surely present one of the pieces of advice on Facebook.

    In addition to professional pages, Facebook groups can also be interesting. Start by finding groups related to your blog theme and get involved. You can also share your articles in the comments when it is appropriate. 

  • Instagram

    We all know that Instagram is more of a visual platform. You can create posts like on Facebook, but why not use Stories? Indeed, you can tell your followers that a new blog article is available or create a short video that summarizes it. Do not hesitate to try the many functionalities available on Instagram as well. Dare to try different things to see what is better for your community too. 

    It is very likely that the content you post on Facebook does not work as well on Instagram. Remember that it is important to adapt the content to the different platforms and note down the results.

  • Pinterest

    Next, let’s talk about Pinterest. This platform looks more like Google Image than Twitter; however, it is an under-estimated social media that can help you improve your website traffic. It is also very easy to adapt your blog articles for Pinterest. Indeed, you can transform your texts into infographics. Infographics are visual creations that can summarize your articles. The important thing to remember is to add little images to the texts.

    Take the time to research Pinterest to see what kind of publications are displayed, then create your content. Many design tools like Canva already have templates for this platform if you do not know where to start.

  • YouTube

    As you may already know, YouTube is currently one of the most visited websites. Every hour, millions of videos are watched across the world. Did you ever think about starting a YouTube channel or even a podcast? It could be interesting to use your best blog articles as the main source of inspiration for your videos.

    You do not need to buy expensive gadgets to start creating content for this platform, despite what you may think. On the contrary, if you want to create videos for YouTube, begin by planning a strategy and find what could interest your target audience. It will be more important to focus on the message than on the equipment at first.

  • TikTok

    Let’s now move to one of the most trendy social media: TikTok. We believe it is also possible to use your blog articles to create short and funny videos for this platform. Here is an idea: why not share a tip or an unusual fact from one of your texts in a TikTok video? There is no need to dance; the main goal here is to be relevant and catch people’s attention quickly. Of course, your YouTube and TikTok videos are likely to be very different.

    If you are unfamiliar with TikTok, start by watching some videos. There are videos about everything: politics, cooking, fashion, etc. You only need to find the right tone to use your blog articles on this platform.

In conclusion, do not forget your blog’s content. These texts can surely help you create posts or videos for social media. In sum, it is a way to give a second life to your articles. Here is another tip: whatever platform you want to use, it is crucial always to display the elements of your brand to create recognition.