How to Make Money with Your Website

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Does your website have more and more traffic, and do you want to monetize it? Today we will present your different ways to make money with your website. Of course, these are long-term methods; you must not expect to make money in the next few hours. Moreover, if you want to succeed, you must be involved and ready to fight since the results will appear only after a while. Here are 10 ways to make money with your website.

There are many methods to help you make money with your website; however, remember that you might need a certain amount of traffic in order to have good results.

Collect emails or create lead generation

When you create a website, you will likely want to stay in touch with your potential customers. A way to achieve this is to create a newsletter. Therefore, you will be able to collect the email addresses of interested people. When you have a good number of loyal customers, it will then be possible to sell your list to advertisers or businesses that target your customer audience. However, please note that you cannot collect email addresses and share them like this; your followers must give you their consent regarding receiving offers from partners. Do not forget to mention it when they register for your newsletter. Furthermore, there are many ways to collect the email addresses of potential customers. You can create a contest, offer a discount, add a form, or mention it while creating an account, for example.

Start using affiliate marketing...

First, what is affiliate marketing? This type of marketing allows you to make money with commissions when promoting products or services of other brands. For example, you create a website to sell a specific product. You generate traffic, but you wish to earn more money. You then decide to find an affiliate that would benefit from your traffic to increase their sales. You add an affiliate link to your site, and every time there is a sale, you earn a commission. You can make money when there is a sale (more popular) or when someone clicks or sees the offer. Of course, do not partner with everyone. Look for a business that has the same target audience and has the same values as you. This way, you will become a kind of influencer!

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… or accept sponsored content!

Sponsored content is similar to affiliate marketing since your partner will want to use your traffic to increase their sales. The main difference is that you will be paid for specific content that you will add to your website. It can be to mention the business or the product in a blog article, for example. Sponsored content is considered less risky than affiliate marketing because you are sure to earn some money. 

Use Google AdSense

Another way to make money with your website is to use the Google Adsense tool. Caution: if your target audience is young, this method is not relevant for you. Indeed, younger people often use tools to block ads; therefore, it will not work. You can always ask that your visitors disable their adblocker when they are on your site, but it is likely that they will then leave for another website. 

Otherwise, the way Google AdSense works is that you display ads on your website. They will be customized according to your audience. You can make money when someone clicks (CPC) or when people see the ads (CPM). It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make money with your website.

Sell an advertising place 

If you want to control the type of ads that will be displayed on your website, you can decide to sell yourself some advertising places to advertisers. In general, it is necessary to have good traffic, but also a good conversion rate. You will then have to create a media kit with your statistics, explain why advertisers should work with you, and manage them with Google Ad Manager. This method is a little more complex, but it is more profitable. 

Ask for donations

A method that works well, especially when you are an artist, is asking for donations. Indeed, you must spend a lot of time trying to please your customers and followers. A way they could support you in return would be to give you donations. Moreover, PayPal now offers to add a button to receive donations. Twitch streamers also make money with the donations of their communities, and Patreon allows you to earn some money as well. The one who tries nothing has nothing!

Create a subscription for some of your visitors

Why not create a sort of subscription for some of your followers? You can share exclusive content available only if they pay a subscription fee. Regarding this method, you need to have enough content to share, and you must be consistent. Note that they pay for your content, but also for your presence.

Sell your products or services

In the same line of thinking, why not create an online store to sell your products or services? It takes more time to sell products because you must make them, promote them, and send them. On the contrary, regarding services, you can offer consultations, provide training courses, or sell an ebook. Passive incomes are an interesting solution since you do not need to manage anything when someone makes a purchase. If this interests you, WebSelf can help you create an online store easily

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with your website. Some are easier, while others might take more time to see the results. Do not hesitate to try many and be patient!