How to Prepare a Successful Online Store Launch

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A few months ago, we wrote an article on how to prepare a successful website launch. What about an online store? After spending many hours preparing your inventory and creating your online store, you probably want to celebrate all the efforts you put into this project. Thus, here are a few tips on preparing a successful launch for your online store and making your first sales quickly.

Complete, check and test your online store

Before starting preparing the event, you must take the time to complete and test your online store. Indeed, there are many elements to consider, and the sooner you have checked everything, the better it will be. Start by checking if all the sections and pages of your online store are complete. Then, verify the links and the call-to-action buttons, and take the time to complete the title tags and meta descriptions of all your pages, especially those about your products. Finally, make some orders to see if everything is working correctly. Do not hesitate to share your online store with your entourage before the launch to have their comments.

Of course, do not make these verifications the day you launch your online store. Ensure that everything is fine a few days before. Believe us; it will then be less stressful this way.

Create social media pages and prepare content

Once your online store is set, it is time to work on promotion. During the creation of your business, you probably had to define who would be your target audience. Your online store can then be promoted on social media. You do not have to be on all platforms; the most important thing to remember is to choose the most relevant ones for your target audience. Start by creating pages and accounts, then start making content to present your business and products.

Using your online store brand image elements on social media is essential. For example, use your logo and color palette everywhere. It will help your online store get brand recognition.

Create the event and send invitations

Once your social media accounts are created, it is time to think about the event. You can decide to do a virtual or an in-person event, as you wish. If you already have a working space or a physical shop, inviting people to discover your business offices could be interesting. The first people you will probably want to invite are your entourage; do not hesitate to ask your friends and family members. These people can surely help you promote and refer your online store.

Do not forget that it is an event to highlight your efforts and the completion of your project. Therefore, choose the option you prefer and keep in mind that it is a moment for you.

Look for partnerships and start building your notoriety

There are different ways to promote your online store. For example, you can find partners that could be interested in your products or services. Find stores or businesses that complement your online store and offer them your products or a special offer. Moreover, you can work with influencers who can create content or invite their followers to discover your online store. Over time, it will also be important to collect the email addresses of potential customers. This way, you can communicate with them with the help of newsletters. 

Whatever action you decide to take, it needs to be relevant. Ask yourself who could be interested in your products and send some emails. Be polite and professional, as well as open to new business opportunities.

Use SEO and ads to promote your online store

We mentioned above that it was essential to complete the title tags and meta description of all the pages of your website. In fact, it would be important to work on your SEO before the launch of your online store. If it is not done yet, think about the most used keywords on search engines related to your products and add them to your site.

There is also the possibility to use ads to promote your online store or your event. Once again, there are many options. You can decide to purchase ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Google. You need to remember that you must choose relevant platforms for your target audience. You can define a specific place where these ads will be displayed too.

Offer rebates or organize a contest

To catch the attention of potential customers, why not prepare something special for the launch of your online store? It can be to offer rebates, freebies (for example, free shipping or give a free gift to the first 10 orders), or organize a contest. If you decide to do an in-person event, you can benefit from this opportunity to present your best products, give samples, and even offer food.

People often like these promotional elements. Moreover, no matter which option you choose, do not forget to collect email addresses and invite people to follow your business on social media to build your community. By keeping in contact with the people who attended your online store launch, you will be able to get their loyalty with time.

In conclusion, you indeed have a lot of things to think about when creating your online store. For this reason, you should take the time to celebrate your efforts and prepare a special event. Start by checking all the sections of your online store before publishing it. Then, promote it. If you are looking for more tips, take a look at our article on how to design an online shop that converts. Keep up the good work!