How to Increase Your Email List

Image blog WebSelfYou just have started your business and now want to increase the number of subscribers to your email list? Is your current email list stagnating? We know that it can be challenging to convince people to subscribe to your newsletters. People are more and more careful about the ads and newsletters they could receive. For this reason, we offer you solutions that will help you increase your email list.

People are more and more reluctant to give their email addresses. It is then normal that you do not have a lot of subscribers when you start. One of the first things to check or change is your subscription system, whether it is for your newsletter or another type of campaign. Indeed, if you are still asking for the first name, last name, zip code, date of birth, and email address, it is too much (unless you really need this information). Now, it is recommended you ask for the name and email address only. You need to remember that everything is fast on the web. It then needs to be quick and easy to subscribe to your newsletters.

4 ways to increase your email list


We will not hide that people are less willing to give their email address to receive a newsletter, except if they are passionate about your business or the topic. You then need to provide more. But what can you offer them in exchange for their email address?

Why not give a gift? We are not talking here about a Christmas present but a smaller gift that could be useful. It could be an ebook, an exclusive video about a specific topic, a webinar, a quiz… The potential customer could have access to a 20% discount on their first purchase or get a chance to win a special prize. People who try nothing have nothing.

Landing pages

In the same vein, if you want to increase your email list, you need a landing page that helps the conversion. As mentioned above, the form you add on a landing page must be short: only ask for the name and email address. You will have the possibility to present your gifts on the landing page. Do not forget to talk about the benefits of your products or services and include a call-to-action button. The call-to-action button should be specific and straightforward. Remember that the landing page should only have one goal. 


Partnerships can help you increase your email list. There are many types of partnerships you can test.

  • Invite someone to write an article: The guest post allows you to diversify your content and reach new audiences. Indeed, the guest writer will likely share the article with the people following them, whether it is unknown people, friends, or family members who could want to share it too. As we said earlier, everything is fast on the web.

  • Look for ambassadors: You will quickly realize that some people may be interested in your brand and interact with it often. Why not offer them to become your ambassadors and ask them to share your content? Of course, it needs something special in exchange, like some freebies or an offer that other clients could not have access to. 

  • Work with influencers: Like it is the case with ambassadors, you could work with influencers who could accept to talk about your products, services, blog articles, links, etc. However, you need to remember that these influencers might not be buyers or fans of your products (but they could become interested in what you offer). They often ask for monetary compensation, and this type of campaign can quickly become expensive. Be careful.

  • Partner with complementary websites: One last way to increase your email list is to work with complementary sites. For example, you could offer to share your subscriber list. Often, when someone subscribes to a newsletter, there is an option to accept partners' offers. You could then become this partner! It is also possible to exchange links or mentions with other sites. The main goal here is to find complementary partners. If you sell some baby clothes, why not partner with someone who makes baby accessories?

Content creation

This technique may not directly impact your email list; however, if you create infographics, blog articles, and social media content that is liked, you could increase your number of subscribers. To succeed, you need to be consistent and have great image quality, whatever the medium.

You now have all the necessary tools to increase your email list. Which techniques are you going to try? We suggest you try them all to see which ones are the best for your business. In the meantime, why not learn how to make money with your website?