How to Write a Great Instagram Bio

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We all know that Instagram is one of the most used social media right now. Whether you have a business or an online store, it would be relevant to benefit from Instagram's advantages if your target audience uses it. When creating your account, you will have to write a small text that describes your business. How can you write a great Instagram bio?

What is the utility of an Instagram bio?

When you visit an Instagram account page, you will quickly see that the top section is reserved for describing the person or the business. This text is relatively short; you only have 150 characters to talk about yourself. Of course, you need to write something that explains who you are and what you do in only a few words. The Instagram bios can also be an interesting marketing tool since you can add hashtags or links if needed.

How to change your Instagram bio?

Whether it is to write your first bio or update it, you can access the settings of your Instagram bio by clicking on the Edit profile button when you are on your account page. You will be able to change your name, add a link and write a bio at this place. Making this modification on your phone or a computer is also possible.

A few things to think about regarding your Instagram bio

What can you write about since you only have 150 characters to create your Instagram bio? What do you must not forget, and what mistakes should you avoid? Here are some tips to think about to write a successful Instagram bio.

Write your bio on Word

Since it is an important element of your Instagram account and it can be challenging to write your bio directly on your phone, we suggest you use a tool like Word or Google Docs to make your text. This way, it will be easier to work on it, check the number of characters and even add special symbols if needed.

Unique and representative

Your Instagram account bio should be unique and representative. You must explain who you are and what you do in only a few lines. You can talk about your job, expertise, the place you come from, etc. Some even add a quote or a small joke; the critical thing to remember is to create a bio that sounds like you and shows your personality well.

Do not write long texts

Here is another tip: stick to the point when writing your Instagram bio and be brief. Since you only have a few characters, writing a long and continuous text would be a mistake. On the contrary, think about using spaces and line breaks to make something easy to read. For example, you could use a word or a sentence per line (one line, one idea). 

Use emojis

In the same vein, you can also use emojis in your Instagram bio. This is particularly useful since even a tiny icon can be worth many words. There are now hundreds of available emojis; dare to use them in your bio. For example, you can add a country flag to tell where you live or have traveled so far. If you own a restaurant, you could also add an emoji of the food you offer.

Think about the keywords

Indeed, keywords are essential for your website, but did you know they are also relevant on your Instagram account? If you want your account to be found easily by potential customers, it would be important to check what are the best keywords for you. In fact, ask yourself what your target audience could search for and add these keywords to your Instagram bio. Many tools like Keywords Tools and Ubersuggest can help you find and analyze potential keywords.

Use hashtags

It is not mandatory to add hashtags to your Instagram bio; however, it can be a relevant element if you want to engage with your community. Indeed, you can invite your followers to share content related to your business with the help of a specific hashtag. It will then be easier to follow what is said about your business. Keep in mind that one hashtag per Instagram bio is enough most of the time.

Use a call to action

Your Instagram bio’s text should not be static. Indeed, you can surely encourage your followers to do a specific action with the help of a call to action. What do you want your potential customers to do when they see your Instagram account? Do you want them to visit your website or your store? Do you want them to book an appointment or download your latest ebook? If you have a marketing goal in mind, think about adding a short call to action at the end of your bio.

Add a link

Finally, Instagram allows you to add a link to your account’s bio. If you have a business, it could be relevant to add a link to your website. You can also use the link to a landing page if you are running a marketing campaign. If the URL of your website is long, you can use a shortening service like Bitly. If you need to display many links, you can use a tool like Linktree that you send your followers to the right place.

In conclusion, it can indeed be more complicated than planned to write the perfect bio for your Instagram account; however, these 150 characters give you a lot of possibilities. Start by presenting yourself and what you do (think about using relevant keywords), and according to your marketing goals, you can add a link, a call to action, or a hashtag. You can always analyze what other people or businesses wrote for their Instagram bio if needed.

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