How to Increase Your Number of Instagram Followers?

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You have just created your Instagram account and probably wish to have a big community to follow you in your adventures. However, you will quickly realize that it needs time and patience. We then gathered the best pieces of advice to help you increase your number of followers on Instagram.

Do you need to pay to have followers on Instagram?

Before presenting our best tips, let us answer a frequently asked question about Instagram: do you need to pay to have followers? Here we are not talking about paying for ads for this social media. It is about some websites and apps that promise to get 10 000 news followers in one week. You might increase the number of followers, but it will be far from creating the community you want to share your adventures with. These followers are often bots, false accounts, or people who do not care about you.

Some sites even offer a number of likes or comments on the publications. Yes, it can help you get some notoriety since Instagram can propose your content to other people if you have engagement; however, this social media is getting increasingly intelligent. What does it mean? If Instagram realizes that you cheat, it could punish you. In sum, we know that it could be tempting to use these tools since you probably want to develop your Instagram community quickly, and it takes time, but do not fall for these types of solutions. Remember that managing your social media accounts will take a few work hours per week. This is why it is vital only to use the social media you really need.

The debate on this is now closed. Let us now present some tips on progressively increasing your number of followers. Let us be honest, it will not help you get 10 000 followers in one week, but it is a basis for creating an authentic online community.

Set your goals

You might have noticed that it is often the first step. It is also the most important. Set your goal, and ask yourself why you need more followers on Instagram. Generally, it is because you want to increase your notoriety, sales, or visits to your website. It is better to focus on one goal at a time to work on a relevant strategy.

Connect your different social media accounts

To reach out to broad audiences and increase your visibility, do not hesitate to connect your other social media accounts like Facebook. Indeed, if you publish a Reel on Instagram, you can share it on Facebook. The person who sees it on Facebook can then be redirected to Instagram if they are interested in your post. It is a little tip that can help you increase your followers.

Mention your Instagram account everywhere

Your Instagram account must appear everywhere, not only on social media. A small icon representing your Instagram account should appear on places like your website or email signature. As soon as a person wants to contact you or you need to write to someone, your Instagram account must be visible.

Create quality content regularly

Here is the time to create content. It is a task that will need some time and creativity. You will need original content to stand out from others. You will also need an editorial calendar. It can also be relevant to publish the same type of content regularly to create a specific habit for your followers. You can also use different Instagram presets to help you create great content.

Use the right keywords and hashtags

We will not repeat it enough: keywords are critical for your website and social media to help people find you. It also helps your posts to be with similar content. It is one of the primary purposes of hashtags today. Your keywords and hashtags must not be too general because they will likely not reach your target audience. Try to find synonyms with less content to find a niche for your publications.

Use interactive features

It is essential to interact with your community. At first, it might seem complicated since you do not have a lot of followers, but do not worry! Create Stories with surveys, and quizzes, or ask questions. It only needs one or two people who share your content to start increasing your number of followers.

Use trendy filters and music

In the same vein, you should use trendy filters and music. This way, you will target a wider audience since anyone can see your photo or video. If this person is not interested in your content, they could know someone that could! Do not hesitate to use different trends while respecting who you are.

Follow, comment, and like content related to your account

To increase the number of followers on Instagram, you can surely use this social media to network! Why not take the time to like, and follow accounts or posts that interest you and could be relevant to your business? Of course, do not like or comment on any post you see. The first goal is that the people who follow these accounts be interested in what you say or understand that you share the same centers of interest.

Look for collaborations

Of course, if you just started, it can be complicated to look for a collaboration with someone who has more followers than you. The ones who try nothing get nothing! Prepare your best sales pitch and show what you do and who you are! You could even send free samples to convince the person if you sell products.

Do some advertising from time to time

Ads indeed cost something, but most of the time, it is affordable. Why not create a beautiful post that you could boost for one week with a weekly budget of $5 per day and repeat this every 2 or 3 months? It can be used to increase your notoriety or promote a new product, for example. Paying for some ads can make a real difference.

In conclusion, here are ten tips on how to increase your number of followers on Instagram. Once again, be patient. Rome was not built in a day. You will need some discipline to build your online community. Even if it may seem depressing, remember that it is better to have 15 authentic subscribers than 2000 who do not care about you.