How to Create a Website for a Photographer

How to Create a Website for a Photographer

Nowadays, all businesses should have a website, especially photographers. Indeed, a website can allow them to display their best pictures and be found more easily by potential customers. In this article, we will see how to create a website for a photographer and show you examples made with WebSelf that we find nicely done.

Why do photographers need a website?

To start with, why do photographers need a website? There are many advantages to having a site for your photography business. First, a website can increase your credibility and professionalism. A presence on social media is often necessary; however, no social platform is as complete as a website. It is where you can gather all the information regarding your services, examples of past work, and testimonials. 

Moreover, a website can also serve as an online portfolio. You can display examples of what you are capable of doing. This is particularly important for photographers since your potential customers will check your photos to see your style.

What should we find on a photographer's website?

Are you a photographer and now want to create a website? You are at the right place. Let us present some elements we should find on your professional photography website.

A relevant domain name

Before starting to find nice pictures or write your website texts, you need to have a relevant domain name. The domain name of your photographer’s site must be short, simple to remember, related to your field, and most important, available! Indeed, every domain name is unique. Consequently, before starting the creation of your website, validate if the wanted domain name was not already taken by someone else.

An amazing homepage

Let us now talk about the most important page of your website: the homepage. It is considered one of the most important pages of your site because it is often the first one your potential clients see. In only a few seconds, you must convince them that you are a professional photographer that will meet their needs; otherwise, they will leave and choose someone else. A great homepage must be a summary of the rest of your site. Do not hesitate to add a few examples and invite the users to visit the other sections of your website by using call-to-action buttons.

Your portfolio

Another essential page of your photographer's website is the portfolio. Indeed, it is the place where you can present your best photos. Here is a tip: the portfolio page of your website must load quickly. Therefore, think about compressing the pictures, so they are easier to load. Also, adding hundreds of photos to your portfolio page is unnecessary. Add only the ones you are proud of and represent your style and work the best.

An about us page

Before working with someone, clients like to know more about the person. Where did they study? How many years of experience have they had? Are they specialized in a specific field? Answer all these questions with an about us page. Tell your story, present your team, and show how you stand out from other photographers. Keep in mind that your potential customers must want to work with you after discovering your story.

A contact page

Once potential customers have checked out your portfolio and learned more about you, they might want to contact you. Ease the process by adding a contact page to your photographer’s website. Of course, you can add a contact form, but what else? You can include your contact information, social media links, address, a map or directions to your photography studio, open hours, etc. In sum, add all relevant information.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Another way to encourage potential customers to work with you is to display testimonials from satisfied customers directly on your website. Indeed, it can make a huge difference in gaining the trust of your website visitors. When you finish a project, ask your clients if they would like to leave a comment and then add it to your site. You can decide to add it to your homepage, about us page, or portfolio.

An example of photography website created with WebSelf

Many photographers made their websites with WebSelf. If you are looking for inspiration, here is an example we find nicely done.

Anaïs Guerlin

Anaïs Guerlin’s website is one of WebSelf’s favorites of all time. Indeed, there is no photography site as complete as this one. Everything is there: amazing photos, a strong brand image, a blog, and an about us page. If you are looking for an experienced wedding photographer, Anaïs seems to be the best!

Image blog WebSelf 39

In conclusion, photographers need a website to show their work and be found more easily by potential clients. Do you know which image format to use on your site? As a photographer, there are great chances that you need to add many photos to your online portfolio page. Take a look at our file format guide to ensure your pages and pictures are always optimized. Good luck!