Create Your Online Portfolio

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Whether you are a web designer, an illustrator, or a fashion model, you likely want to show the works you are the proudest of. Why not take the time to create a portfolio website to exhibit your best creations? Besides easing the exposition and promotion of your works, a website will help you get credibility as a professional. Do not wait any longer, show what you can do on the internet!

The Importance of a Professional Website

 As a professional artist, you need to have an online presence to increase your credibility but also your notoriety. When someone looks for you on search engines, you must be found easily. Yes, social media can give you a hand to create your online community; however, a website is a more complete solution. An online portfolio has many advantages. First, it will be easy to share your work whether it is on your LinkedIn page or Facebook or when you apply for subventions or projects. A website can surely help you increase your visibility too. 

An Easy to Use Website Builder

It is possible to create your online portfolio even if you are not a web developer. You only need your mouse since WebSelf, our website builder, has been conceived so you could create your website using drag and drop. Only three steps are necessary to create your website. First, choose one of our templates made especially to answer your needs. Many templates were created specifically for artists or creative people like this one and this one too.  Next, you only need to customize your portfolio with your creations, texts, and titles. Finally, you only need to publish your website when everything matches your expectations. It is also possible to add an online shop on your website if you want to sell your works or your services.

A Few Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Your Online Portfolio

There are a few mistakes to avoid when creating your online portfolio and have a positive impact on your visitors but also your potential collaborators. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Not Presenting Yourself

If you make a portfolio, it is to present your work. It is also important to take the time to create an about us page or to add a place where you present yourself. You could explain who you are, your latest experiences or your style, for instance. Do not forget to include a place with your contact details if you wish to be contacted.

Adding All Your Creations

You likely have creations that you like more than others. You can also have hundreds of pieces of work. Take the time to select the best examples of what you can do. You can also separate your works into categories or styles so it will be easier to find and discover.

Replacing Your CV With Your Portfolio

Your resume and your portfolio are two different but complementary documents. A resume presents your experiences and studies. A portfolio shows a glimpse of what you can do. When you apply for a job or a creative project, your CV and your portfolio might be asked. Thus, make sure to have a resume as good as your portfolio and vice versa.

Trying Too Much

Try to keep a professional look when you create your online portfolio. You probably want that your portfolio website is a reflection of your talents and style; however, make sure everything is well balanced. Try to follow these 4 design principles for your website: balance, contrast, hierarchy, and consistency.

Not Having a Paper Portfolio

It is important to have an online portfolio but it might be possible during interviews that a paper portfolio is asked too. When you meet potential collaborators, do not hesitate to bring your portfolio presenting your best works with you, even if you already shared them the link for your online portfolio. 

2 Online Portfolio Examples Made with WebSelf

We found you two authentic examples of online portfolios made with WebSelf. Do not hesitate to take a look at them if you are looking for inspiration.

Myriam Da Silva

From the home page, a gallery presents us many pictures, some in black and white and others in colors, taken by this photographer. These pictures are presented in different shapes but the final result is well balanced. A call to action button is also accessible for visitors who would like to book their next appointment. It is her pictures that are put forward in this simple and clean design.

Ligne Noire

Ligne Noire is a website that we find both splendid and complete. It is an online portfolio made by a French illustrator who is inspired by the most popular attractions of Paris. The home page is professional and charming even if his works are in black and white. There are also more than just a gallery. A blog, an about us page, and a contact page are also accessible on his website.

In conclusion, we hope that you know understand the necessity to have your online portfolio when you are an artist or a creative person. Use your online portfolio as a tool to present yourself but also to stand out. Choose one of our templates and then add your personal touch. Finally, do not forget to share your portfolio website on your social media pages and blog!