When Should You Think About a Website Rebrand?

When Should You Think About a Website Rebrand?

Styles and technologies change quickly. What was trending in 2018 can look outdated today, only a few years later. If you have a website, you already know the importance of continuously updating it to attract visitors. But when must you think about a website rebrand? Here are five points to consider regarding the perfect timing to rebrand your site or online store.

What is the best time to do a website rebrand?

There are great chances that you did not wake up with the idea of doing a complete rebrand of your website. A business changes with time; thus, use these changes to analyze whether your website needs a rebrand. 

We decided to make a list of five questions to ask yourself to determine if it is the perfect moment to think about a site rebrand.

Did your business change?

Let us start with the beginning. Since the creation of your website, did your business change? Chances are that the answer is yes. For example, did your business values evolve? Did you launch new products? What were your great shots, and how can they inspire you?

You may also have different needs than before regarding your website. At first, you might only need a showcase website to present your products or job offers. With the importance of the internet and e-commerce, do you now need an online store? If your field of expertise is competitive, adding a blog to your website could also be interesting to improve the SEO. In sum, analyze what you now need. A complete rebrand is likely necessary if your website is more of an obstacle than an ally.

Did your target audience change?

In the same vein, it is possible that your target audience did change with time too. When you create a website, you must keep the wanted audience in mind. You want to attract your target audience, especially if you made an online store

Take a moment to analyze your clientele. Is it the same as when you started? Are your first customers older? If so, you might need to update your brand image and website. A good example of this is what Mcdonalds' restaurants have done over the last few years. At first, they targeted families and children who loved their playrooms. The children grow older, and Mcdonalds’ decided to modernize their restaurants by removing the playrooms for a cozy ambiance where adults can now drink their favorite hot beverage.

Did your brand image change?

Brand images can evolve too. In recent months, did you change your logo or brand elements, like the color palette or fonts? Consider a website rebrand to harmonize all styles if this is the case. Indeed, you must ensure that all your brand image elements are the same, whatever the medium, to keep consistency.

Moreover, if your business or target clientele has changed, but you did not take the time to adjust your brand image accordingly, since it can become confusing with time. As with a website, it could be necessary to update your brand image from time to time. You do not need to start from scratch; use the most important elements that represent your brand well and update them according to the latest trends. It is how the best rebrands are made.

Is it difficult to use your website on all devices?

As we mentioned before, technologies evolve quickly. If you created your website five years ago, there is a great chance that it is not responsive or adapted for mobile devices. If you look at your statistics, you will notice that an increasing number of visitors use their smartphones to browse the internet. Since it is a trend that will likely not disappear, it is essential we can visit your website on all available devices, especially when it can have an impact on your SEO and position on search engine results. 

Take your smartphone and check your website. Can you find the most important information quickly? Can you purchase something effortlessly? Can you read a blog article easily? If the answer is no, a rebrand is necessary.

Does the style need to be updated?

It is easy to recognize a website made in the early 2010s. If your potential customers visit your site and find it outdated, they might think that you do not have at heart to offer a quality product. If you do not like your website anymore or do not find it attractive, there are great chances that your target market will think the same thing.

It can be challenging to follow all trends regarding web design and websites since they are constantly changing; however, by following a few basic rules, you should be able to keep your website for a few years without any problems. If we check 2023 design trends, a refined style, the art deco style, and text zones are popular now. Please keep it simple; a minimalistic design remains one of the most important trends.

In conclusion, if your business faces a critical change, it might be the right moment to do a website rebrand or at least an update. Start by analyzing what changed and make sure to know who is your new target audience. If it interests you, but you need help figuring out where to start, find our best tips on redesigning your website in just 6 steps. Good luck!