9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Online Shop

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Whether it is for drop shipping or to sell your latest creations, more and more people want to start an online shop. Since the pandemic lockdown, the number of e-shops exploded. Consequently, what can you do to be acknowledged and have sales? Here are 9 questions you should ask yourself before starting your online shop in order to increase your chances of success.

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

To begin with, do you know who would be interested in your products? Do you know what needs you want to answer? Before creating your online shop, you should take the time to find who your target audience is. This will allow you to understand better their needs and what you need to do regarding your marketing. For example, this could help you in finding the right social media to promote your products. Try to know as much as possible about these groups of potential customers.

What Do You Know About Your Competitors?

Now, ask yourself what you know about your competitors. In what are you different or better? Is it a market where there is a lot of competition? Are your competitors on an international or regional level? The more you will know about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, the easier it will be to find what will make you stand out from others. Thus, you could take the time to do a market research for your online shop.

How Will You Promote Your Products?

It is not because you created an online shop that you will automatically have sales, even if you have the best products or the most beautiful website. It is like having a store without doing any promotion or advertising. If people do not know your shop, how do you want them to buy your products? Analyze what other online shops do regarding their promotion and marketing. If you are looking for ideas, check ways to promote your online shop.

Do You Know How to Have a Strong Brand Image?

Why is it so important to have a strong brand image when you create an online shop? Because it can help you get credibility, authority, and be recognized more easily by your target audience. Your logo, brand colors, values, and design are elements that can help you stand out from your competitors. It is then essential not to take your brand image lightly.


Do You Have Sufficient Inventory?

Whether you are the creator of your products or buy them in China, make sure you have sufficient inventory when you create your online shop. You know how it can be challenging to have your first website visitors. Imagine their disappointment if the products that interest them are not available. Carefully monitor your inventory always to have what you need. 

What Delivery Options Do You Offer?

One of the important things about online businesses is delivery. It is then vital to have a plan before creating your online shop and having your first customers. First, do you offer the shipping fees, or do your customers need to pay an extra to receive their orders?  Are the postal charges included when your shopping cart is higher than $50, for example? Can your customers pick up their orders directly at your shop? Since shipping fees can be high, you must know the costs related to sending your orders to avoid losing money. We suggest you add an explicit note about your delivery options to prevent dissatisfaction during the buying process.

What Are Your Refund Policies?

One of the most frequently asked questions when someone buys something online is what the refund policies are? Consequently, it would be essential to mention your terms and conditions regarding this on your online shop. Do you want to offer exchanges or refunds when a customer is unsatisfied? Are they final sales only? Whatever your decision is, you need to mention it clearly.

Did You Fill All Administrative Formalities?

Most of the time, when you open an online shop, you need to fill some administrative formalities. They can differ from one country to another. For example, in France, you need to have a special status. Do not hesitate to ask for help and contact your countries’ governmental authorities to know what you need to do. Do not forget to add your terms and conditions to your website to comply  with your area's regulations.

Do You Wish to Prepare a Launch?

Why not take this opportunity to prepare the launch of your online shop? Start by finishing your website and wait before publishing it. Then, organize an event where you will present your work to your friends and family. Besides helping you get visibility, this project of yours deserves to be celebrated!


In conclusion, if you have an answer to all the questions we mentioned, it means that you are ready to create your online shop. You will only need to take pictures of your products and add complete descriptions that answer your potential customers’ questions. If you need inspiration, take a look at this article: how to improve your online shop’s product page.