11 Free Features on WebSelf

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Did you know that you could do a free website with WebSelf? Yes! Whether it is to create your first site or because you need a showcase website, WebSelf allows you to be online without paying anything. It is not because you have chosen our free plan that you have access to no tools or cannot make a beautiful site. Let us present to you 11 completely free features of WebSelf.

A 5-page website

Unlike some other website builders, WebSelf allows you to create a free website with a maximum of 5 pages. This is perfect if you want a showcase site to present your activity, a landing page, a one-page website, or a blog. Furthermore, you do not even need to buy a domain name since a domain name with a WebSelf sub-domain is included with our free plan. In sum, this is perfect if you want to try our website builder.

Hundreds of templates

One of WebSelf’s greatest strengths is, without a doubt, its important number of website templates that can be used and customized. Indeed, you can find all these designs under the Templates tab. We have organized these under various categories to help you find the one that will answer your needs: business, blog, online store, etc. Whether you need a template for your restaurant’s site or your online portfolio, all our designs are free and available to all!

The blog module

Have you always wanted to have a blog? Create one with WebSelf because regardless of the number of articles you will add, it will count as one page. With our blog module, you can publish your best articles, choose when they are online, and customize your SEO parameters. If you do not know where to start, take a look at these 4 blogs created with WebSelf.

The template sections

We added a new feature this year: the template sections. In order to simplify even more the creation process of your website, our team of graphic designers have created preset sections that you can use directly on your site. These sections have been designed while respecting ergonomic rules. You can find them under the Section tab located left of the editor. Then click on Add a template section. We have various sections for your homepage, about us page, or contact page. You only have to customize these with your texts et pictures.

The comments module

Another new feature: the comments module. If you want your visitors to leave a comment or a testimonial on your site, you only need to add this free feature. When people have access to authentic reviews of your services, this increases your credibility. To add the comments module on your site, click on the ADD tab located left on the editor. Then, click on the Comments module that you can find under Social and drag it where you want it to be. Please note that you must approve all comments before it can be shown on your website. You can find the list of comments to approve by clicking on Manage my site on your WebSelf dashboard.

An SSL connection

Do you know what an SSL connection is? In short, it is what makes your site HTTPS instead of HTTP. The S means that your website is considered as secure. This element is something analyzed by search engines and has an impact on the credibility of your site. What do you need to do to have this feature? Nothing! All websites created with WebSelf come automatically with an SSL connection.

The SEO parameters

You do not need to subscribe to a precise plan to optimize your site for search engines. Indeed, you can add a title tag and meta descriptions to the pages of your website. To do this, click on the PAGES tab located left and on the gear icon to open the parameters. Then, click on SEO. Also, when you click on Manage my site on your dashboard, you have access to a section called Improve your site. You will find there 10 steps to increase your website visibility.

Add widgets

Do you wish to add a chatbox or a booking module to your WebSelf website? It is possible to add widgets, some web tools, by using our Script feature. This free feature allows you to add code directly to your site. For example, if you wish to use a third-party plugin, you only need to add their code in the Scripts feature and Tadam! It is as simple as that. 

Add a survey

Would you like to know the opinion of your visitors on a specific topic? You only have to add a survey to your website. You can find this free feature on the ADD tab, under the Social category. Then, drag the survey where you want it to be and customize it. It is that easy.

Access to free images

Do you need pictures or photographs for your site? Did you know that WebSelf gives you access to a free image library? All pictures there can be used on your website. If you wish to add an image, you will have the option to upload one from your computer or use one from the library. To access the free images, click on Free WebSelf Images located at the picture editor’s top. If you do not find what you are looking for, take a look at these image banks! 

In conclusion, we believe that you can create a website that can answer your needs even if you choose to take our free plan. You will have access to many tools, features, and even our customer service agents that will be pleased to help you with your site. If you are looking for some inspiration, do not hesitate to look at these websites created with WebSelf