How to Promote Your New Restaurant

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Many restaurant owners have used WebSelf to create a website for their restaurants. Many restaurant websites have also been added to our Examples page. Since the food service area is often challenging, we ask ourselves what we could do to help you. We then found 9 ideas to help you promote your new restaurant.

Before starting promoting your new restaurant

Before you start promoting your restaurant, there are some things you should have in hand. First, do you know who your target clientele is? Are you targeting young families or vegan people? Second, what are your strengths? How do you stand out from other restaurants in the neighborhood? Also, it would help if you thought about having a representative logo and brand image. You must keep these elements in mind when promoting your new restaurant because it will help you be unique and recognizable.

9 ideas to help you promote your new restaurant

How can you get your first customers? Here are some ideas to help you promote your new restaurant, whether it is a fancy bistro or a pizzeria.

Be present on social media

Nowadays, all businesses should be present on social media. It includes restaurants. Besides allowing you to share helpful information like your open hours or latest promotions, we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Do not hesitate to show your food to get your potential customers hungry.

As we mentioned before, you must have an idea of your target audience. Be on the social media platforms they use if you want to have a chance to reach them. Instagram can be a relevant platform since you can add beautiful pictures of your meals there.

Display your brand image

If you want to increase the chances of your restaurant being recognized quickly, you need to display your brand image everywhere. It includes your menus, employee uniforms, packaging, website, etc. In other words, we should be able to see your logo around when we enter your restaurant. Also, think about having a nice sign in front of your building. Besides catching people's attention, it will help you be found more easily.

Have an up-to-date website

Many experts have said this before: if you are not online, your business does not exist. Your restaurant should then have a website, whether you take online orders or not. Indeed, a restaurant website allows you to present your business and share useful information like your address, open hours, and how to book. Moreover, think about having a page for your menu, and do not forget to add beautiful pictures of your food.

Invite influencers and journalists

To promote your new restaurant, work with influencers and journalists to increase your visibility. Indeed, think about sending a professional press release to local newspapers to announce the launch of your new restaurant. Then, since you have an idea of your target audience, find relevant influencers that could come to your restaurant. For example, you could offer a dinner for two people in exchange for pictures and publications on your restaurant. 

Create a newsletter to increase customer loyalty

Whatever the type of business, it is relevant to take the time to create a newsletter. You can collect email addresses on your website or leave a note to invite people directly on your menus. And to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter, give them something in exchange. For example, it could be a freebie or a discount.

But why should restaurants have a newsletter? Simply because newsletters are a tool that allows you to share information with your customers while increasing their loyalty.

Work on your search engine optimization

Once you have created a website, it is time to think about SEO. Indeed, every day, many people look for restaurants on search engines. It would be a shame not to appear in the results, right? Start by finding relevant keywords and then use them at different places on your restaurant website (texts, title tags, meta descriptions). 

Let’s say that you own an Italian restaurant in Calgary. We should then find keywords like Italian restaurant and restaurant in Calgary on your website. When someone looks for an Italian restaurant or a restaurant in Calgary, you increase your chances of appearing in the search results.

Do promotions and special events

Another way to stand out from other restaurants is to do promotions and organize special events. Your clients often well appreciate these campaigns. Of course, it is critical to calculate the costs, so these promotions stay profitable.

For example, you might have noticed that you had fewer clients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why not offer a promotion or a rebate on some meals to encourage them to come? There could also be a special offer per month on a specific meal or drink. In sum, many options are available.

Get feedback and customer reviews

Since it is likely you are not the only restaurant in your neighborhood, your potential customer will probably take the time to read reviews. Consequently, it is essential to collect customer reviews and offer excellent service. You can then collect and display your customers’ reviews on your website, social media, Google My Business page, and specialized sites like Trip Advisor.

And if you see a negative comment, do not panic. Try to offer a solution and answer politely and professionally.

Use flyers with your menu

Who said that flyers were obsolete? Investing in this type of advertisement could be relevant if you offer delivery. Take this opportunity to add your menu or even a special promotion. You can also add discount coupons to easily follow the return on investment. Once more, many options are available. You can check what other restaurants do.

In conclusion, it is not easy to start a new restaurant, but we believe these ideas should help you get your first customers. Try the strategies that seem the most relevant and closely monitor the results. 

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