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How to Make Money Online

Image blog WebSelfHow can you earn money online? Since the arrival of blogs and influencers, we are all looking to live on the web. Would it be nice to be paid huge amounts so you could quit your boring job? But is it something possible or accessible to all? WebSelf’s team made some research and found some ways to make a few dollars with your website, your blog or social media.


To start with, it is possible to monetize your website with advertisements. You might have already heard of Google Adsense that allows you to add ads directly on your website. As you might expect, the more you have visitors on your website, the more money you will have. We talk here between $0,50 and $1 per thousand displays. It is then important to have traffic on your website if you want to have an interesting income. You can also monetize your YouTube videos similarly. Furthermore, it is also possible to sell advertising spaces on your website. You could look for businesses or products that could interest your visitors and set aside some specific places on your most visited pages. 

Some companies have interesting affiliate programs, including the web giant Amazon. Once more, aim for products or services related to your website and not the contrary. On another matter, sponsored blog articles are also more and more popular. If you are not familiar with this term, sponsored blog articles are articles that you write about a service or a product in exchange for a sum of money. Do not forget to mention that it is a sponsored text or an ad. 

 Have an Online Shop

Did you know that you can make an online shop with WebSelf? Whether it is products or services, you can earn money by selling them online. Online sales increase each year, therefore why not try it? You do not have to sell tangible goods. In fact, you could sell ebooks with your best recipes, consultations or even training courses, for example. Ready to Sew, a website and an online shop made with WebSelf sells patterns to allow you to make clothes. Keep in mind to use beautiful pictures to present your products and work on your branding if you want to have an online shop that converts.   

Become an Influencer

One of the best-known ways to earn money online is to become an influencer. Most people would like to become an influencer but most of them cannot live only on it. It is estimated in France than 90% of all influencers earn less than $6000 per year. We find them on all social media but mostly on Instagram and YouTube. But how can you become an influencer? First, you need to aim for a specific target audience. What do you like? Who would you like to talk to? Find your clientele, publish quality content, and look for feedback so you can make sure to answer your targeted audience needs. With time you might receive requests for marketing campaigns or freebies. Do not forget to mention the business or that it is an ad. We suggest you do not buy followers too since it would harm your engagement rate and your credibility.

Play Video Games

As strange as it may sound, you can earn money by playing video games. Do you know Twitch, a live streaming media? This Amazon product allows you to broadcast online your gaming sessions. Therefore, if you have an interest in video games and technology, it might be an interesting opportunity for you! Twitch is also very popular among younger generations. It also allows you to create a community quickly since you can interact with your viewers while playing. But how can you earn money with Twitch? To start with, your viewers have the choice to view your streams freely or to subscribe to you at the fee of $4.99 per month. Besides, your viewers can also give you tips. According to the latest news, it is the streamer Ninja who is the most lucrative player on Twitch right now earning more than $500 000 per month. Twitch streamers who have a lot of followers also have advertisement and sponsorship requests from businesses.

Our tip: Start to watch a few Twitch channels if you are not familiar with this broadcasting media. Then, start to stream when you play your favorite games. Interact with your community and with time it will grow (as well as your income).

In conclusion, we hope we gave you ideas on how to monetize your blog or your website. There are many ways to earn money online but remember that you might not be able to live on it. As mentioned above, most people would like to live the influencer life. Thus, you have competition. Start by finding what makes you stand out from the others and then create a community that will follow and encourage you along the way.