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6 Alternatives to Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

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Have you ever thought of using paid search ads or Facebook ads? Also called SEA (search engine advertising), paid search ads allow you to reach more people than organic indexing. The two most prominent players for online advertisements are, of course, Facebook and Google. Is there, however, other options? Let’s have a closer look at 6 alternatives to Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Advertise on Other Search Engines

We all know that Google is the most used search engine around the world and by far. This web giant has more than 90% of the market. You might have seen that the fees for Google Adwords are increasing since it is more and more popular and requested. Have you ever thought of advertising on other search engines like Bing or Yahoo? It is true that these two only have 5% of the market share; however, there is less competition. Bing and Yahoo would also be used by specific groups such as the 45-54 years old. Thus, why not test them and diversify your paid search ads?

Advertise on LinkedIn

Some time ago, we wrote an article on the errors to avoid on LinkedIn. Today, we would add another mistake to avoid: not advertising on LinkedIn. Of course, your business and your ads must be relevant to the professional world. LinkedIn provides many advertising options. There are text ads, which are located in the right column, display ads, customized messages, sponsored private messages… It is also possible to sponsor your content. If you are working in business or management, it could be interesting to advertise on LinkedIn. It is not a social media only for employment or employee search.

Advertise on Instagram

Some will say that advertising on Instagram is like advertising on Facebook. These two social media are indeed connected a lot, but do you know your targeted audience well? Are your potential customers going on Facebook or Instagram? As you need to be where your audience is, it might be interesting to advertise on Instagram. Start by creating a Pro Instagram account if it is not done yet and then make custom-made ads for this platform. It is possible to make stories or to use posts with a picture or a video. You can manage your Instagram ads directly on the mobile app or on Facebook Business Manager. 

Advertise on Pinterest 

Do you use Pinterest? It could be interesting to take a look at it if you work in a creative or artistic field. Pinterest is not really a social media platform, but it is growing. As we mentioned in our article Mistakes to avoid on Pinterest, this website is used mostly by young women. Now, how can you advertise on Pinterest? You can create ads and campaigns to target specific people. If you choose this alternative, do not forget to use beautiful visuals if you want to catch people’s attention.

Working With an Influencer

If you want to reach a specific clientele, why not work with an influencer? It has the advantage of diversifying your posts with different and authentic content. Start by doing some searches and choose a goal. Then, find influencers (or micro-influencers) related to the people you want to reach. You do not have to pay thousands to work with a celebrity. On the contrary, the trend now is to work with smaller influencers that have a lot of engagement with their followers. For example, if you want to promote a new sports drink, you could work just as well with a personal trainer with 2000 followers than a football player. It is your choice!

Sponsor Interesting Content

Similarly, you can make yourself known by sponsoring interesting people or content. As it is the case with influencers, start the process by doing research. Whom do you want to target? Who are they? What do they use? What do they like? When you have the answers, choose the adequate platform. If we exclude Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and the mentioned alternatives above, it is also possible to sponsor blog articles, Twitch channels, and even podcasts.

Do you know blogs that are read by your targeted audience? Why not contact the administrators to see if they would be interested in having your product and write about it? It has become an increasingly common practice. For its part, Twitch is a live video game and chatting streaming platform popular with the younger generations. Is your product related to video games or technology? If you have said yes, Twitch could be an interesting alternative too. Otherwise, podcasts are also more than a trend. It is easy to create and find captivating shows.     

In conclusion, we hope we manage to give you a few ideas for your next advertising placements. Start by knowing your targeted clientele to find the right alternative and then leap. You can also try various advertising options to see what works best. Which advertising platform do you use? Which ones do you like the most, or would you like to try? Tell us in the comments!