Tips and tricks to create a website

Web page: Basic layout principles

November 13, 2015
By Catherine

Web page layout

Essentially, web users come to a website seeking for practical information, but also for a nice design.

According to a study by Carleton University in Ottawa, web users judge the quality of a web page in just 50 milliseconds. In the blink of an eye!

Manage your priorities in the following order:

  1. Content
  2. Loading speed
  3. Aesthetics
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Google My Business, a New Tool for Businesses

July 03, 2014
By Catherine

Google My BusinessWhen creating a website, the aim is to be visible, but how to get there? Once more, we cannot say it enough, the key is your Web referencing strategy, nevertheless this is not an easy task.

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Create inbound links (backlinks) by registering with directories

June 18, 2014
By Catherine

Image blog WebSelf

Directories are platforms that list websites. It might be interesting to be listed in theses for two very good reasons:

  • You offer your potential customers another way to find your site.
  • You create direct links to your site that will help you gainning notoriety!

Some directories are recognized as high quality sites by Google, by listing your site with them, you have a chance to improve your reputation on the web.

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Are your pages optimized for success?

June 05, 2014
By Catherine

Optimize your pageThe proper positioning of your site depends on several factors, but optimizing your pages is one of the most important factors. A site with many optimized pages is more likely to be deemed relevant by the search engines and thus get a better position.

We must keep in mind that on-page optimization should be made based on the content of a particular page and not on your entire website. Each page should be optimized independently using different keywords according to the topic on each page.

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Tools to make your website go further!

May 21, 2014
By Catherine

Tools for your website

In this article you will find a variety of tools to bring forward your site. It is not because we do not have a module for a particular feature that you cannot have it on your site.
Widget / Script modules allow you to add just about anything that can be integrated on your site by using external tools.

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Make sure your customers can find your site!

May 08, 2014
By Catherine


Create a Web site is not the magic wand of your success on the web, it must be maintain and promote it, but mostly to make sure your customers can find your site.

We must not neglect this aspect or you can put your project at risk.
This is why I would like to stress the importance that the two steps below play on your project.

  1. Identify keywords.
  2. Optimize the page based on keywords.
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3 reasons to show your physical address on your website

April 01, 2014
By Catherine

Geographic informationWe see tons of WebSelf sites with absolutely no information on their physical address. Many of you (hairdresser, accountant, restaurant owner, etc.), own a business or chair on a local association. It is therefore important for you to generate local traffic to your site.

Did you know that more than a third of the researches on search engines contain geographic information (city, town, region, etc.)?

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How to advertise your business using SEA (Search Engine Advertising or paid search results)

November 20, 2013
By Catherine

Search engine advertising

As a site owner a key question you have to ask yourself is how to attract or bring potential customers to your website. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a way to advertise your business through search engines like Google and Bing where you run an advertising campaign through hyperlinks. This can help you gain a better visibility and attract customers that are really interested.

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SEO 101

September 13, 2013
By Catherine

The following poster is a summary of factors that influence your position in search engines and provides tips how you can improve your positioning.

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A successful Facebook strategy

May 29, 2013
By Catherine

Facebook strategyFacebook is an integral part of our lives now. So it’s logical to consider increasing your online reputation through the social giant. Since Facebook is huge and we are not all experts in the field, I thought it would appropriate to give you some ideas and starting points to ensure your online success.

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