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SEO 101

September 13, 2013
By Catherine

The following poster is a summary of factors that influence your position in search engines and provides tips how you can improve your positioning.

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A glance at our customers: Creation Noisetier

April 11, 2013
By Catherine

A glance at our customers takes a deeper look at the beautiful site Creation Noisetier. This e-shop sells multiple natural medicinal items made from hazel.

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Making a website : the first few steps

February 06, 2013
By Catherine

The first steps

Small businesses are often afraid of the cost of developing a website and an online marketing strategy or even worse, still believe that a website is a luxury, a superfluous element, that its unnecessary. However, when we look at our life habits, it’s clear that the web occupies a more and more important part in it. 78% of Internet users search a product online before buying it. 97% of consumers look for local businesses online before going on site. 82% of web searches are followed by a local store visit or a call. But ... and sadly, only 44% of Quebec SMEs create a website.

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The web world is in changing, learn how to write for it!

October 19, 2012
By Catherine

Write for the recently published an article announcing that over a third of the world's population have access to Internet. The article reports that:

More than a third of the world population is connected to the internet, according to a report by the UN specialized agency for telecommunications (ITU) published on Thursday.

The development of broadband services throughout the world has resulted in a 11% increase in the number of Internet users in the world during the last year," indicates the International Telecommunication Union.

In early 2012, there were 2.3 billion Internet users worldwide, more than a third of the population of the Earth.

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Finished writing your article? Great, now the work starts!

September 20, 2012
By Catherine

Write for the webYou released a new article in your blog : you're happy, all is well. You think the work is all done? Hold on!

The biggest part of the work of a blogger begins once the text is written and published. You write these articles for a reason, to be read and viewed, and to help your SEO! Here are some points to remember when creating your website and once your words are online!

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Does your website make the phone ring?

September 05, 2012
By Catherine

Does your website make the phone ring

A good website can do you a lot of favors : recruit employees, inform potential clients of your products and services, give you credibility in front of your target audience… But let’s be honest, the SME that invest money in developing a website expects it to pay back by gaining new customers.

Leitmotif? We want customers! We want customers!

However, most websites fail to make the phone ring. In my experience, there are five reasons that explain the majority of failures webmaster and SME live with when it comes to converting a web user into a customer.

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10 things every small business’ website needs

July 12, 2012
By Maud published an interesting article listing usefull things for a small business’ website to have. We found the list really relevant and interesting, so we’re sharing it with you! In a world where not everyone has a lot of experience being a webmaster, it’s hard not to forget key issues. Here is the list, as presented by, adapted to our editor. My comments are in italic in the text. 

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Info SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

July 10, 2012
By Maud

To make a site accessible to search engines, like Google, it must first be put through an SEO indexator. We take care of this step once you register. By referencing your site, we indicate to the different search engines that your site exists. Once registred on WebSelf, you will have a domain name of your choice ( and a referral service on the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing). After a couple of weeks, you will be able to find your site on search engines. 

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